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My wife and I were in the market for a 2 door ragtop for a daily driver (have a '71 Vette vert that I am getting ready to restore) and we looked at several; Z4, 350Z, S2000, Boxter, etc. Then we started seeing stuff about the Sky and then saw one in person at SA car show late last year, and immediately said, YES! Bugged the dealer until we could order one and did so immediately.

It was probably going to be her prime car, unless the weather was too bad for me to ride the bike (which means heat precipertation or under 20F). But then a schoolbus T-boned my bike in early Feb and totaled it. Broke a couple of my ribs and squashed my leg pretty good (think how you thumb feels when you hit it with a hammer ), and my wife said I need to quit daily riding. Promised me the Sky for my daily driver if I didn't get a new bike and just rode my BMW '79 R65 on weekends. Hard to tell her no when I was having trouble walking and breathing.

So, when we get it, we'll see. If she starts 'borrowing" for the day too often I may have to tell her it is time for another bike (or another Sky!).

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