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It's a royal PITA. Lot of things can go wrong. From cracking the fixture, scratching the car, breaking the weather strips.

Perhaps the worst user serviceable access design on the entire car. Worse than the battery access.

I changed many a bulbs in my day. Some cars have been easy and obvious. Others have been not-so-obvious, but once you knew the trick, they were easy. With the SKY, even if you know the trick, and have done it before, it's still PITA.

If you do try it yourself, I would recommend having a thick micro towel at the ready once you free the fixture. The pins on the bottom of the fixture are pointed and can easily scratch the bumper, and it's nigh impossible to avoid the fixture moving about as you replace the bulb. So, as soon as you free the fixture, slip that towel between the fixture and the bumper.

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