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Originally Posted by compdoc777 View Post
I find it hard to believe a bank or anyone else would just give them a loan or even GM giving them parts. Plus they would need to rename and rebadge which would cost $$$.

They would have better luck buying the old Delorian shop and making Delorians heck they may be profitable.
And with a Flux Capacitor, they could travel to the future and see what tomorrow brings!

Let's just say we all get together and buy the Wilmington plant.
We use up whatever supplies are there and build 100 or so Kappa cars.

Can't call them Pontiacs, or Solstices or Saturns or Skys or Opels or Daewoos. All those trademark names belong to GM.

Now car # 101 is complete except for an engine. Who is going to sell us Ecotec engines? GM has 'em and they know how to configure them for the Kappas. Great. They want 5 grand apiece for them. Oops. The transmission is from a Hummer. They don't make those anymore, but they will . . . for 5 grand apiece. We need more foglights. Easy one, they're the same as in the Grand Prix . . . Pontiac. Oy. And the hydroformed body panels. Where do we get those? And the rear ends and the door handles and every part that is not made in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Wilmington plant assembles the cars. The cars are made in a hundred different places that are deeply rooted in the GM network. Buying the plant essentially accomplishes nothing.
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