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Originally Posted by GOINGSOLO2 View Post
The Street Race is a dual out kit. You would need either a Redline fascia or Norm's Fiberglass fascia to accommodate the dual tips. You could also cut your own opening in the OEM fascia, but it might look sloppy because you are cutting into plastic. We are running a special on getting Norm's fascia with the kit...the OEM Saturn one is quite expensive anyway, so why not upgrade to a beautiful color-matched fiberglass fascia?

In terms of fitment on the NA Sky, the Street Race will fit but it is very noisy and doesn't sound the same as it does on the RL. The exhaust note is harsh and aggressive. If you like that, then it will work.

I would recommend to you the MACH with Resonator...we can put quad tips on that kit for would come to $827 shipped to your door with the quad tips. Most people with the NA have this kit and absolutely love it.

We can do the Street Race setup for you also, at the discounted price, but you have to make sure that you are ok with a harsh and aggressive exhaust note. The NA does not have the turbo to quiet down the tone as the Redline does. This kit is $576.80 shipped.

You can add a rear fascia from Norm's Fiberglass to your order, painted to match and shipped, for $425 (red and yellow are $450 because of special color).
Well id like a nice kinda loud V8 sound to it. So you would recommend that i get he MACH with Resonator? Do you have sound sample or video of it?

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