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Originally Posted by fast86gn View Post
Everyone has different taste... I don't think it looks that bad, four fronts would probably look better. There not that bad though... they look ok.

Of course if you post up a 40's street rod on a ricer forum and a 99 honda on a street rod forum of course you will get those responses. Were all different that is what makes the world go around.

As far as the race I believe it was twice and I spanked you both times! You have a faster car no doubt... I'm bone stock but the faster car doesn't always win!

I'm going for tune on the car in very near future and nothing else then we can run again
I posted on a forum that likes cars of all kinds. Poor fitting wheels are disliked in almost every car scene.

You're an auto right? You'll need more then a tune. My buddy with an auto Solstice GXP has intake, IC pipes, FMIC, Catless DP, exhaust, meth injection, and a dyno tune and he still couldn't pull me.
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