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Originally Posted by SkyVue2 View Post
Guess people tend to forget the souped up muscle cars of the 60's.
Wide rear drive wheels sticking out 2-3 inches was considered normal back then.
Actually, I do recall the 50's and 60's and my first car was a 67 RS Camaro. So I can tell you for sure that at least here in California, the only cars that had their tires protruding out beyond the fender were street rods, some of them didn't even have fenders. Also, it was considered illegal to have your tires stick beyond the fender. There was also the 2" rule on lowering or raising cars. Nowadays, CA "LEO's" are more interested in high speed chases followed by a hail of bullets than to stop someone for that issue, let alone driving while on your cell phone. So, yeah, I do remember muscle cars of the 60's. Maybe you were from a different state that allowed it, but if you consider the muscle cars from the 60's, save the Camaro and Mustang, most early didn't have completely open wheel wells in the rear. So jacking them up high enough to shove a wide set of "meats" under the rear would mean a very high car. We also ran much skinnier tires in the front too. God, those were great times!! Nice throaty sounds, poly tires that didn't grab.. LOL.. man those old tires sucked! Ok, enough reminiscing... just get 4 fronts and you'll be OK..
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