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Originally Posted by Kyle Engelsmeier View Post
i had a 1991 Turbo JDM MR2. had 205/45/16s all around. in the twisties it handled amazing, but i almost died a million times due to oversteer and understeer. even spun on the highway once
Yep, I had the 1985 MR2 and the 2-1991 Turbos Green, and Yellow. One had the electric steering or EPS with steering control or whatever it was. It made the steering heavier as the car got faster and if you jerked the wheel at highspeed it made it impossible to oversteer. I used that feature a few times right before I almosted impacted the back end of a rig.

They are nice cars, They are slow stock even with a boost controller they say 6.0 0-60, but I never got better than 7.0 in both my MR2 Turbos. They were quick, but in the turns they were tail happy and you could loose control easily. Check out my website to see what a large bots dot did to me on the freeway when changing lanes in my yellow MR2.

Tough cars though. I launched my green one through a huge water puddle and hydro planed over an median with a ramp looking mound at 75 mph launching me over two lanes of traffic in the opposite direction and into a field. The car backed right out and we drove back to my house with the steering more like a boat than a car. All the wheels HRE's at $600 a piece pied good thing they were three piece. Had to replace the struts and get an alignment and one fog light.

The 1985 MR2 ran over a 18 wheeler wheel and tire at 75 Mph on the freeway ramped the wheel got some air landed perfect like nothing happened. Straightened the front cowl and replaced a plastic grate it was like nothing ever happened.

1991 MR2 Yellow Turbo hit the concrete wall of the freeway dead on after a bots dots encounter in the rain changing lanes. The car hit the wall at 55 mph and proceded to do two more hits on the front after that. I only paid $4500 for the car in 1996 and the insurance would not total the car. They paid 7K to repair it so it is probably still driving around to this day. You can see pics of that wreck on my website.

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