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Fisker sold the tooling to Delorean in Humble, TX They are going to make a new model with the chasis of our cars. I have heard the waterfall or center console will hold the "Flux Capacitior" and the radio will only play Huey Lewis and the News songs from the early 80's. Also the song memory will not play from the last song, but start over every time you turn on the stereo or start the car. I also hear the first song will be "The Power of Love"

It will be convertible, but you won't be able to put the top down because the trunk will be filled with parts needed to for the Fusion device.

The car will not start when you want it to and the outside will be strangely fire hot or ice cold after you drive.

Best to get an alarm, because old men with canes might steal it and do dastardly things to our future... So watch out for Dr. House!

Good news it will be faster than the Old Delorean.

07 SKY Redline Silver
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