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Originally Posted by hafizmo View Post
These prices are making me go ?? I can't vouch for some of the other stuff but I used almost all brand name stuff and didn't pay close to 30k? Like for instance my Spec Stage 3 plus lightweight flywheel came out to less than 1.2k! An intercooler for 1.5k?
Actually the werks race Intercooler will probably cost more since someone has to pay about $60 shipping.

Your spec stage 3 is cheaper than stage 3+. Monadzback got it for $850 since I think he receives 10% discount or sumthin. Without discount, plus shipping, it will be around $1100 or so depending on where u buy it.

That's y I said, guestimates....

If a person does his research And get the lowest price, he might save $5000.

Dyno time is another key. More tuning time, more money....

I know you didn't spend as much money, but look at the parts listed on my first post, I bet u don't have as much upgrades internally, drivetrain services and labor......

COMPOUND TURBOS (GT2860r & GT4294r) build, goal= 800hp


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