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Originally Posted by hafizmo View Post
Internally, I have just as much parts if not more just different brands as well as labor on the motor. The headwork is literally identical with the exception that I didn't go oversized and upgraded the cams. I did go over sized on the block with the pistons. Used Carrillo rods. Instead of Bates head studs I went with ARP etc etc. However, where I do have to give you kudos is on everything else I mean you're going balls to walls with literally everything! I'm itching for a turbo upgrade bad but I'm still eyeballing an LSX swap. The only problem is getting rid of my freshly built LNF.

One thing I don't fully understand is; how was your car holding up in terms of traction when you were at the 400whp mark? Yamtr3 (I think that's his ID), swears that his LS2 with approximately 400+ whp does not get traction. So.. now that you have literally dived into the deep end what are you going to do for traction?
One last thing is don't let the haters get to you <-- Hater blockers!
MO, I wasn't aware that you also upgraded your cylinder sleeves, mean bearings, chain tensioner, oil pump gear, balance shafts, and rocker arms. The block upgrade, INTERNAL BALANCE/BLUE PRINT, and install labor were expensive. I personally can't afford them. I was reading your thread before, but I guess, you didn't really specify everything....
I upgraded almost everything since, I know the drivetrain will be the next to link that will fail cuz I'm already noticing it. After the gt35 upgrade, clutch started slipping. After I upgraded the clutch........the synchros started to grind. I know the something else will fail I might as well upgrade them, while the car is at the shop.....

anyways, I came from a FWD background. I used to race turbocharged civics and RSX type-S for years back in the Philippines using b16a and b18 engines. I was the first one to reach flat 12 sec on a daily driven/full interior civic during the year 1998. Even with semi-slick and LSD, a 400 whp FWD car is hard to launch. That's why, having a RWD car for the first time in my a total upgrade for me. Everything seems easier to I already told myself that I'll never go back to FWD anymore

With my staggered set-up (8 and 9" wheels) and nitto nt05 tires.........launching from a stop light is not that bad. Yeah, it still spins, but not as bad compared to FWD. I am already looking to get a new set of wheels...maybe a staggered 9" and 10.5"/11" though.

but I will see first what happens to the project and find out, how my current staggered set-up reacts to it. If traction is bearable....then there's no need to change set-up. But if not, then upgrade to wider tires

a compound set-up will have a very linear power..........unlike a single turbo with a big surge of power. So we'll see......

COMPOUND TURBOS (GT2860r & GT4294r) build, goal= 800hp


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