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Originally Posted by Bogie View Post
How will you fuel the shuttle?
It needs fuel cell replenishment for basic power needs.
It needs thruster replenishment for maneuver.
I doubt either replenishment method is on-orbit capable.

There are probably a hundred other items that need routine maintenance and/or replacements....which can only happen on earth. A shuttle docked at Space station will atrophy....quickly.

Speaking of maneuver, the shuttle does not have the intrinsic energy to service any satellites outside a very narrow orbital band within its current orbit plane. It can't (never could) reach the Geostationary commsats. It could do some Hubble work. But again, it has to be launched into the Hubble's plane. It can't just undock from the space station and fly around space like we see in the movies. Moving about orbits, changing orbital planes and what not, takes enormous amounts of energy. The Shuttle doesn't have this energy...never did.

In fact, I doubt there are any serviceable satellites within the energy range of a fully fueled shuttle docked at the space station.
In other words, this puppy is obsolete..

we need a newer, improved HIGH powered shuttle, call it the kappatle

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