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Originally Posted by redstarmom
Have read many, many posts and attempting to put 2 & 2 together:

If I haved placed an order with chrome wheels, the order is passed over because the wheels are not available?
If I want the chrome wheels and am willing to wait a little longer to get them will they eventually be available or did I understand that if the order is passed over 4 times I may lose my place altogether
Absolutely must talk to your dealership's GM or owner. They set the policy and differ from dealer to dealer. 1st you order - list what you want on your Sky. What you need to do is have them attach your order to an image from Saturn. Each image may/may not have specific constraints. In our case the dealership's owner placed our order on an image but red leather was a constraint (everything else we wanted was OK). The dealer went into the image system daily until he was able to change the image to add red leather. We got lucky and owe our Sky to the persistence of our dealer and sheer luck that red became available. You absolutely must talk to whoever submits the image for your dealership to get a better understanding of their practices. No right/wrong here, just what works for them and you need to understand that to know where you stand. Come to the forum to get information but cultivate a relationship with your dealership to get your keys! Best.
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