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Originally Posted by MCW Sky View Post
I realize that - but I think I have seen this product on TV - so the product itself it not a joke or fake product - the idea that it might actually work is right up there with my wife's latest idea that she wants to get in touch with a long distance healer who can help treat everything from cancer (melanoma in my wife's case) to broken bones simply by calling them up and paying some amount of $ per minute. Last time I checked broken bones heal if all you do is still still wait a month or so. She doesn't know why I don't believe in it and says that I have no evidence that it doesn't work. I also have no evidence that putting a banana in my ear wont keep alligators away and as much as I really don't want to be eaten by alligators you don't see me walking around with a banana in my ear.
Nope but I bet I know just the one your talking about.
It was actualy on Myth Busters.
Electric turbo fan. our new found wonder turbo on e bay there is not electric. Its free spinning.. Thats whats making it so crazy.

They put the electric turbo on a old car. Was motor driven. Can't remember what it was but the car made 62whp.. Might of been a honda. not sure. The electric fan did produce about i think it was 2.5 or 3 more whp but they were having a blast with the thing.
They upped the voltage on the motor to 15v to get it to spin faster and it make something like .02 more.

Just thought it was funny.

Little River Motor-Sports
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