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Originally Posted by liveaboard74 View Post
Nope but I bet I know just the one your talking about.
It was actualy on Myth Busters.
Electric turbo fan. our new found wonder turbo on e bay there is not electric. Its free spinning.. Thats whats making it so crazy.

They put the electric turbo on a old car. Was motor driven. Can't remember what it was but the car made 62whp.. Might of been a honda. not sure. The electric fan did produce about i think it was 2.5 or 3 more whp but they were having a blast with the thing.
They upped the voltage on the motor to 15v to get it to spin faster and it make something like .02 more.

Just thought it was funny.
I love this stuff.

Great fun to play with, except those pesky laws of thermodynamics always seem to get in the way.

At least the electric turbocharger has the real ability to increase MAP.
(Granted the amount of energy consumed equals or exceeds the amount gained. )

But the stupid free spinning fan in the intake is just beyond ridiculous. Not only is it actually sucking energy out of the equation like a fricken vampire, but you are creating turbulence in the intake that will most likely fubar a modern MAF.
(Maybe that is why the vid is installing on an old car? )

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