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Originally Posted by 40rty View Post
Yes, it's Norms Full Hardtop. Anchored in at 3 points in the car. The only thing I would say would not be aerodynamic on the hardtop are where the door windows meets the B pillar(if that's what it's called). In the morning I had some dew in that area and after a run someone where I can see how the wind plays with the water on the top. Looks like the wind abruptly hits that pillar and shoots outward causing a marginal parachute effect. Other than that on the rest of the top the dew simply and somewhat uniformly moves towards the rear of the car to the bill. Wind tunnel, like everyone here is talking about is a must. Also, doesn't the cars rear facia produce a parachute affect? Even Norms facia does as well.
The stuff that's available is for looks mostly. I have the front splitter and the rear fascia and would bet my house that neither one was designed with anything remotely close to this in mind. They may even be counterproductive for all I know. People get big money at the concept stage to work this stuff out. At the concept stage! What are we building and what are we building it to do. The rest hangs on this last sentence. It is not engineered in as an after thought. Everything works with everything else. If it doesn't right from the outset this is a train wreck waiting to happen or in the best case a empty pit to toss money. If you don't care but want to just have the fun of trying go for it but just like anything else the danger/engineering curve versus speed for something like this is not linear it jumps quickly and keeps getting steeper as the speed goes up.I am pissing on parades but I read so many threads about chasing WHP and Torque and top speed etc etc - we own Kappas that were engineered to be safe within the guidelines of concept plan.There is a reason that cars in this top speed range are well into the 6 figures to buy..IMHO...Everyone can beat me up now!!!

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