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Tight Parking? Bah! I Got You Beat!

I have a small garage. It's 10 feet wide. It used to be 8 feet wide, but I illegally widened it. My garage/driveway and backyard are only 20 feet wide combined. I have/had THREE red sports cars and an SUV, my tenant has one, also, and has to park on the street. I've got a lift in my garage, so that I can store two 4 foot high vehicles. An Opel GT or two and/or my Pontiac Solstice Coupe. If one of those cars was just 1" taller, I wouldn't be able to park it. The car on top is 3" from the rafters, I have to leave room to raise the lift 2" so that the safety latches disengage and allow me to lower the car.

Parking at my house is tight.

I just put wider Corvette-style mirrors on my Solstice and my buddies were bustin' my balls that I wouldn't be able to pull into my garage without hitting my lift. Ha! Doubters! Plenty of room for a cat to slide through! (I had to park the car and climb out the window to take these pics.):

Tight Parking? Bah! I Got You Beat!-tight-parking-b.jpg Tight Parking? Bah! I Got You Beat!-tight-parking-c.jpg Tight Parking? Bah! I Got You Beat!-tight-parking-d.jpg Tight Parking? Bah! I Got You Beat!-tight-parking-e.jpg

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