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Originally Posted by SARBlade View Post
Lately I have noticed that when a new topic is discussed, it doesn't take too may posts before someone chirps in with a sarcastic remark, or stating the topic is dumb (I did, was remanded (MM never is)), or someone comments with disdain. Someone takes offense and the bun tossing begins.
I'd need to see the post specifically but I believe it was your second "This thread is stupid" post in the thread. This rule applies to everyone and it basically is that you are allowed to state your opinion that the thread in question is stupid. However, once you have stated your opinion as such, it doesn't need to be repeated. If it is, the repeated "this is stupid" post, or posts, will be deleted.

As of the last two months, find me a thread where MM has been allowed to say "this thread is stupid" or something like it more than once in a thread. You may feel that MM never gets called out on it but I would counter that in the last two months he HAS been called out on it...and I have enforced it. With a couple of exceptions, he has abided by it and I appreciate that.

I see solutions to cleaning up this behavior with a two pronged solution.

Firstly, the members have to patrol themselves. The OP has to first consider the relevance of his topic by first conducting a search, if you can't find what you're looking for, then ask. BTW, Google is you're friend since this site's search engine sucks! Responders have to state fact first, heresy becomes fodder for those waiting for it. If no fact, then perhaps IMHO can work. Those that respond to someone's post keep it to fact, no attack on the helper or messenger, be nice with the correction if required. This latter advise is directed to those that have been here a long time and feel the need to squish an insect. If this is the case, move along or go outside and squish one, let it go, whatever. Needless to say think before typing.
Agreed. I would like to add that after you search, if you can't find what you're looking for it's always best to mention that you did search that way the responders will at least know you tried.

Secondly, the moderators need to take a more positive role in a thread's content. If it looks like it will become emotionally charged, lock it! I mean by taking a more positive control, the membership will be better policed. I know its not a Nazi state, but this site is really getting out of hand with arguments in new threads. One only needs to look at the past months activity and see how many threads turn into bun fights. Usually its the same people. A trend does develop. I have been on the sister Solstice site and its way more politer. Perhaps its the shape of the car, curvier means less obtuse!
It is always a balance but I have started to crack down on posts that directly go after a specific member. (see below) Arguments can be a good thing and people should be allowed to post opposing viewpoints. Not everyone will agree and everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. This site has gotten a bit out of hand, we are working on bringing it back to becoming a fun and enjoyable site to come to. (again, see below)

At the same time, it is up to the membership to set the example. One bag egg will need 10 or 20 good eggs to counter it's behavior. If you're one of the positive influences on the forum and you leave, you have watered down the positive side of things that balances out the negative. The problem here was even worse as the negative side of things had been allowed to go on for so long unchecked that the entire attitude of the forum...all posters good and bad...became negative and there was no balance, just different shades of negativity. Again, we're trying to change that (see below).

Anyway, this is how I feel lately, I was not sure where to post this so opted for here in site feedback, because that's what it is. I did do a search of the site regarding this issue. One of the only things I found was a post by SKYRoadster in 2005, and it was locked!

Actually, you may have missed this...

I just started that post a month ago. It would be great to add this to that.

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