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I think of Mike as if he is a character in this movie:
Grumpy Old Men (1993) - IMDb

Someone that's been through so much of life's crap that he literally CAN'T bother with niceties and such "crap".

I do kind of wish he would follow the "if you don't have something nice to say..." concept, or at least qualify WHY he thinks something is stupid. In all fairness, he often does explain why he feels something is stupid, so...

People don't excuse his rude or abrupt nature in an effort to cover or to hide anything. It's just an explanation of why his posts are tolerated and other more personalized negative posts aren't.

As far as his impact on the forum? I would wager a pretty healthy amount of $ that Mike has HELPED far more people than he has actually caused to leave. I mean really, there is a filter option...

Sorry if much of this is redundant... I scanned and wanted to add my words to the mix.



I almost forgot...

This post is stupid. (It's probably redundant)

This thread is stupid. (It's covered elsewhere)

This forum is stupid. (Dead car line(s) created by a mismanaged company)

Gasoline powered cars are stupid. (Finite resource, excluding corn, horribly inefficient power source, kills the planet, etc...)

The internet is stupid. (Get out there and experience the really REAL world!)

Humans are stupid. (Yeah, just watch the news for 5 min)

Earth is stupid. (I mean come on... Carbon based?!? Lame!)

The universe is stupid. (Seriously, infinity? Why bother?)

(max smileys, how dumb is that???)

Be a part of the solution!
In fond rememberance... We miss ya' Skip, but we'll never ferget ya! :)
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