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Originally Posted by DaveOC View Post
Once the Model Year 2007 Solstices joined the mix, the VINS were intermixed between the Solstices and the Skys. Think of the last eight of the VIN as being the total of Kappas built during the model year.

Is that sufficient or do I need to expand on it?

Hi DaveOC, you might have meant to say "the last six of the VIN". The number '7' is the year, and the letter 'Y' represents the PLANT of manufacture, WILLINGTON.

In your reference to 'mixing the Solstice and SKY VIN's as the units came off the line', I had heard that too. So if that is what happened, then when the SKY production started, VIN numbers for both cars must have started from '0'. This would explain how SKY VIN's exceed the reported total overall production number.

My SKY is #44 and came off the line on 12/16/2005.

I'll add, I have searched all 50 of the SKY's initial production and printed out the record on every one of those units. There are five SKY units missing in the first 44 accounted for that preceed my VIN number (8-11-25-39-42). Could this mean those VIN's were 2007 Solstice production? Meaning that in initial SKY production, VIN numbers started from zero (0) again for Solstice. and missing numbers were for Solstice. ??maybe?? A Solstice owner with VIN 00008, could be a misnomer as to production number.

Hope this isn't all too confusing, but just trying to understand what might have been going on in this issue. ?? Heck, the color of my car in the original build was VICTORY RED, not Chili Pepper Red as it was later called. Who knows, maybe the color of paint used on my SKY was actually a different mix. I do get a lot of positive comments and praise of the paint.

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