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solli4me 05-02-2015 08:15 AM

2015 MASSC Skylands Rally

It's hard to believe that ten years has passed since our first 2005 meet and greet in Lambertville, NJ! It's equally difficult to believe that a year has passed since MASSC hosted the 2014 NASSM in the Poconos! Time drives by so quickly when you're having fun!

We are ready to roll through the hills and forests of northern NJ once again, so if you'd like to join us, please mark your calendars for
Saturday, July 18th

We'll be meeting in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express at 10am with a planned departure time of 11am.

Our itinerary for the day includes lunch at the Chatterbox, a visit with the award winning wines at Westfalls Winery, and dinner at Riviera Maya.

Chatterbox The Chatterbox Drive-in

Westfalls Winery

Riviera Maya

Holiday Inn Express
176 Howard Boulevard
Mount Arlington, NJ US 07856

If you're interested in a fun day, please post a comment as we'll need a head count for lunch and dinner. Thanks!

Previous date of JUNE 6th has been cancelled.

marlboromike 05-02-2015 01:32 PM

The Good Ole Days...Good Times for ALL.

solli4me 05-02-2015 04:24 PM

For sure Mike.

solli4me 05-03-2015 07:13 AM

Good morning bump.

marlboromike 05-03-2015 08:12 AM

Has anyone spoken to Tom? He may want to take his Triumph on a run?

solli4me 05-06-2015 07:57 AM

Daily bump.

marlboromike 05-06-2015 08:32 AM

Where is the enthusiasm Michele? The old days this board would be filled up. Is everyone on FBook these days? Missing You.

Hey! Can we make it a Non-MASSC event? :lol:

The Carrier 05-06-2015 09:56 PM

Must discuss this with the Mrs.

She's been wanting to "get away" for a short while, and we both had fun at NASSM 2014.

reedred 05-07-2015 01:31 AM

Wish I could go. Have fun!

thefred 05-07-2015 05:33 AM

i will be there.. how can you miss it?

marlboromike 05-09-2015 07:11 AM

Kappa Fan 05-10-2015 10:56 AM

2005? Perhaps you mean 2006. Very few owners before September 2005.

Although it would still be the 10th run!

So few continuing meets, regional or otherwise, after this many years. Congratulations and thanks for continuing a Kappa tradition.:thumbs:

My very first run was before I had received my Sol (had just ordered it 3 weeks before) Thanksgiving weekend 2005. Made me even more excited to get my Sol!

solli4me 05-14-2015 08:40 AM

Glad you'll be there Fred! We need to discuss your plans!!

Kathy, my memory is not what it was and yes, we are in spirit, celebrating our tenth year as a Solstice-Sky community.

Our Lambertville run was held in April '06.

solli4me 05-14-2015 08:59 AM

Reed, maybe we'll see you in the fall at the Warwick Winery run? Can't call it Buds and Blossoms, maybe Leaves, Drives and Wines?

Anyway Mike, lots of people are on FB and they're getting ready for this year's National. I'm crazy busy with Mike's prom, graduation, house painting and yard work. Does it ever end? Need to get to Florida!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Check your FB page for your birthday wishes! XO <3

solli4me 06-02-2015 10:48 AM

OK kids, the forecast for the Montague area looks like Saturday is a wash with rain, We've had a week's worth already and I'm concerned about low lying areas flooding.

RAINDATE: to be announced but probably July 18th. We need sunshine to run topless don't we?

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