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Ahnuld 06-03-2014 12:51 PM

Ahnuld bails on the nationals...
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I admit it was going to be tough...
Moved into new house just 3 weeks ago, still living amidst boxes and unfinished construction... and we still have the old house to work on to fix up so that we can sell it (and the selling season is disappearing fast.

...but we were still committed. I even bought some fancy new sporty Pilot tires.

Then my wife broke her foot. Nice fracture. Happened on memorial day, she waits a week to get it looked at. After seeing the x-rays I have no clue how she walked on it. Thankfully, no surgery needed but she's somewhat immobilized and crutches don't play well in Kappas.

So I've gone through the proper channels to reassign my reservation.

Yes, my track record attending area eventsthe last 3-5 years has been awful.

That all being said Markaritaville is shaping up nicely, and I'd really like to host an old skool MASSC get together later in the summer.

I will strongly advise that flip-flops are not the appropriate attire for the tennis court, as my wife found out.

Anyway.. more to come on that.

reedred 06-03-2014 07:25 PM

Oh no! I hope Sharon feels better soon!

SHiNY 06-03-2014 08:21 PM

I hope Sharon feels better too. Memorial day is always bad on feet and ankles!

I'm in for the Markaritaville Initiation Party!!

Ahnuld 06-05-2014 10:30 AM

Thanks Reed and Karen!

Broke it Mem Day.. stubbornly doesnt go to docs. Get her there a week later and its broke... bone on the outside edge. X-ray shows it separated. Specialist 2 days later says as long as she wears the boot it should heal properly in 6-8 weeks.

But its tough for her to stay still after sitting so long during the day!

Lots of pain.

I'd like to see a pic of our front drive lined with Kappa's!

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