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Post This is the final Dragon Event list: please read if you are coming

This year’s event for Tail of the Dragon
This is the final countdown 107 people
We will have a white board set up in the lower lobby as to any changes in events

Regular activities at Fontana on any given day include:
Golf, Mountain Biking, Boat Rentals, Horseback riding, Hiking Trails, Tennis, Karaoke, Volley Ball, Lazy River, Ice Cream/Gift Shop, Horseshoes, Horseback Riding, 2 outdoor swimming pools, scenic lake tours, among a few. ALSO if you have a hard time getting around Fontana will rent you a golf cart at $25.00 for 5 hours, it is a great way to get around this very large village and see everything. Mountain bikes are also offered, however hiking is even more fun and it is free. We will have a copy of the village map for everyone at registration.
Disc Golf $5.00
Putt Putt $5.00
Tennis Equipment $2.00
Pools, Badminton, shuffleboard, basket ball, softball, horseshoes, volley ball and the tennis courts are free.
Recreation Pass- 1 day $9.00, 2 days $15.00, 3 days $21.00 and 4 days $26.00----- this includes unlimited use of putt-putt, disc golf and tennis equipment. It will also give you 10% off mountain bike rentals.
Mountain Bike Rentals
Hour $10.00, Day is $15.00, Full Day $25.00 There are miles of bike routes and maps are provided.
Boat Rentals
Jon Boat $25.00 1Hr, Pontoon $60.00 1Hr, Canoe $25.00 4Hr, Kayak $25.00 2 hr,
Fishing licenses are required available at the General Store
Scenic Lake Tours
Cruise around Fontana Lake $15.00 per person, Minimum of 4 people. Tours offered daily at 2PM
Riding Stables
Guided trail rides: 1Hr - $20.00 2Hr - $38.00 4Hr - $75.00 8Hr - $100.00

Our Events:
NOTE: You will be given packets with all the information for the weekend, please remember this is a dry county so make sure you pick up your drinking supplies at least 1 hour from Fontana. Stop and get something for your dinner before you get into the area as well, we will have some food for people at the Party Cabana Thursday and Friday nights for those who still might have some hunger pains.
$5 quicky breakfasts will also be available for Fri and Sat, Pay JrsNo1Fan at Thursday night registration for that.
Remember that cell phone service is non- existent in the Fontana area so let people back home know the office number.1-800-849-2258 There is wireless in the main lobby and some in a cone shape from the building but the best area is the main lodge.

Full Moon Tonight
August 5th, Wednesday:
Arrival of the committee and some of the RC/Sweeps.
Midnight Dragon Run for those that are coming in early. Meet at the General Store at 11:30pm.
We will drive up to the Top Look Out and park for about 15-20 mins and then drive back to the Lodge and enjoy some light wine/beer etc snacks.

August 6th, Thursday:
Group signed up for the Lost Sea will head out at 8:30 AM at the General Store. For those arriving throughout the day, Chili will be down at the first Cabana if you have any questions. Registration will start at 4pm below the main registration just as you are going out to the pool.
Road Captain/Sweeps meeting will be at 6pm in the registration area
New Drivers to the Tail of the Dragon will meet in the same place but at 7pm and that is where you will hook up with your Road Captain and Sweeper
Pool Party and get to know all the new people to the Dragon down at Chili’s which is the first Cabana past the pool.
This will not be a late night since all the Dragon runs start early in the morning.

August 7th Friday
Dragon Run Day

All runs are already set; you will have met your group Thursday night. ChiliSky will be lining up the cars in the order that we have set and taking pictures of every driver/navigator leaving. You will have your instructions where to meet and what time you are leaving.
Do not be late for your run time, groups will be heading out at the appropriate time and will not wait for late people, this causes a ripple effect through the rest of the groups and is not fair to those drivers on time.
Make sure you have all your Maps and your GPS ready to go.
Scavenger hunt during the run today as well.
Make sure you have some water and snacks with you, this is a long day also if it is hot take some wash cloths that have been dampened, as this comes in very handy a few hours out. There will be plenty of areas for pictures along the routes.
Also make sure you have your radios with you, if anything happens you will need a radio because there is no cell service. If you are in the middle of your pack and your Road Captain cannot hear the Sweep, please relay the messages. Sometimes in the mountains the signals are not the strongest on some of the curves.
If you have a problem or a question, get on your radio and ask your RC, if you need to stop for any reason ASK, the RC and Sweep are there to help you.
Returning back to Fontana: Group picture - Fontana Village Softball Field Time 6 pm
killboy will meet us at the Fontana Softball Field for a group shot of the cars attending. We will have use of the Fontana Boom Truck for an overhead shot of the cars.
Those that have signed up for the Murder Mystery will meet down at the Cabana’s, for 7pm others are free to roam around the Village, or take in one of the events the lodge offers or relax in the bar in the main lobby. There will be another pool party once the Murder Mystery is over
Appygirl is also offering an early evening ride either Friday night or Saturday night, she will let us know and it will be on the white board.

August 8th Saturday

Two big outings today; Everyone is already signed up for these event:

Meet at the General Store for 9:30 drivers meeting, heading out at 9:45. Pursuit (Chip) will be collecting the money for the tubing at registration Thursday night, however the meals are pay as you order your food. Drive time one way will be approx. 1 hr going through the Dragon. Correct cash would be helpful. BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS and do not forget sunscreen and your toys.........
Tubing runs to River Rage Tubing in Townsend, TN. Price Per Person is to tube all day, (unlimited runs down the river) is $6
Lunch will be offered there @ Little River BBQ for $5 for a small or $7 for a large bbq sandwich of any kind(pork, beef, chicken), one side order (french fries, slaw, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob) and one soft drink.
this is one event where we can take more people if needed
Pursuit (2)
duckSol (2)
Flamingo (2)
MIKESturbo (2)
Mark in Indiana (2)
The Dude (2)
thefred (2)
yellowfever (2)
Ash-21874 (2)


Meet at the General Store no later than 8:30am, the drive will be broken down into smaller groups for the drive. This is approx a 2 hr drive. The fee is now down to $45.00 plus tax per person. You will sign your waiver and pay your fee at registration Thursday.Take some munchies and water with you.
Wahoo Ziplines is unique to the Smoky Mountains, with no other zipline of this magnitude in the surrounding area. With over 2 miles of cable, the zipline is split into 6 signature lines from 900 to 1600 feet long and from 40 to 250 feet in the air! Each line will amaze you as you soar through the mountains, taking in the panoramic scenery, and feeling like you're flying. This adrenaline pumping adventure takes place over 80 acres in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains. Come prepared to spend the next 2 hours of your life zipping, flying, soaring, and bouncing through the canopy of the trees at speeds of 40 MPH. Safety is our main concern. To ensure the safety of our guests, all of our guides have undergone rigorous training and each has been certified through Universal Zipline Technology (UZT).Each tour consists of riding our 6 very unique ziplines. Participants wear gloves, helmet, and a harness with a carbineer that is attached to a pulley that will be placed on a cable strung between platforms. You push off the platform and zip along the cable going from hilltop to hilltop. You will be anywhere from 40-250 feet off the ground and, literally, flying between the trees at a height where birds and other wildlife hang out on the branches. Getting started, First, the experience will include some 'how to' information plus a safety briefing. You will see how we put on the harness, latch into the cable. After you learn the basics and watch a demonstration, you will get your chance to participate in a once in a lifetime adventure.
Updated Zip List

JPM (2)
Alex (2)
VA Sky
MS_Solstice (2)
badsol (2)
BritSolDriver (2)
GA-Solman (2)
CavOfficer (2)
southernSkys (2)

The Zip is now closed....we cannot take any more people on this event.

Everyone from both events will be back in plenty of time for a shower and relax for a bit.
Saturday evening is the Banquet Dinner in the lodge. It will be buffet style with a good variety of food.
We will have door prizes and auctions and updates for upcoming Kappa events.
The final event will be the “Woodstock 40th Anniversary Party” down at the Cabana’s WEAR YOUR TIE DYES!!!!

Thank you all for coming and may you all have a safe drive home. Remember every year this event gets bigger and better with your support.

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I'll be there, although I had to stay at a different hotel since the 1BR's were sold out. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Also, I'm planning on being at the tubing event with a guest.

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Yes the tubing event is open for as many that want to go, just make sure you pay Pursuit on Thursday night. Fontana does have cabins so if you ever want to get with another couple and share for future events that is also a possiblity.

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Twitchy and I are planning on tubing.

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I will be offering to lead a run out somewhere between 7:30 and 8ish on Friday to watch the sunset up on the Foothills Pkwy. Since this may have us leaving shortly after the group pic and you may not be able to get dinner. We could always easily head into Maryville to get a bite somewhere. I know of several nice restaurants.

Sat- I will be leading a special run for those that have not signed up for tubing or zip line. Details to be announced at registration meeting.

Bloomington, IL

At The Gap There Be Dragons!!!!!
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I see that cell phone service will not work but does anyone know if the phone through onstar will work...thanks

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Mine has worked in a few areas and has not where I thought it would work.
It is a toss up where you will get a signal. There are plans for a tower in the area but apparently that might not be until next year or later.

When you are on a run and stop for a break try your cell phone, once out of the immediate area it will work.

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