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Yikes! My thoughts and prayers are definitely with both families. I hope Keith pulls through. God bless.

"I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack."- George Strait
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I have been sending prayers that way since I first heard of this tragedy. We hope for Keith's speedy and full recovery.
Ric and Sandi

Riding High In My Sky
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Keith and family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Earl and Lori

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It has sadden my Heart and my prayers goes out to both Families.

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Update from Judy--Keith's Wife

Update on Keith, from his wife


Keith's ventilator was removed Tues. afternoon. He can respond to some commands, and can speak a little. He knows his name, and understands that he is in a hospital. He does not know who I am, nor does he know what year it is. He spends most of his time heavily sedated. He has been cleared to be moved out of ICU into a regular room today, as soon as a bed opens up. He has a compression fracture in his spine, but will not require surgery. He has not been told of Nellie's passing, but at this point he wouldn't know what we are talking about.

For the poster who said: "but they were totally living when they had the accident. There's a lot to be said for doing what you love to do, despite the risks. If you never live, there' not much use to it all - if you never dare, I don't think you can say that you've truly lived."

You, sir, are a douchebag. Keith "truly lived" for a moment, and now he gets to spend the rest of his life in chronic pain, on disability insurance. Yeah, that's so much better than his old boring mundane "not living" that he's been doing. I can only hope that my "not living" doesn't include wiping drool off his chin and tying his shoes for him. Or reminding him every 1/2 hour what my name is. That moment of "truly living" may have cost us every other dream we had for our future, as well as the house he and I built together, side by side, with our own hands. I don't believe he would think an adrenaline rush was worth this nightmare we now face.

For everyone else, I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. A special thanks to those who assisted in the rescue. I'm truly sorry that my husband's "moment of truly living" caused you to have to view that horrible scene.

Thanks also to all those who posted pictures, it was nice to see the fun while it lasted.

Our entire family sends it's deepest condolences to Nellie's family and friends.
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Dear Keith and family...sending our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.
Jeff and Karen

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Keith, my prayers go out for your recovery. May God bless you and your family.

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Posted earlier on the Solstice side Titled Not just a bistander .

Originally Posted by HarleyDavidson View Post
I am not a Solstice owner or driver. I didn't even know what a Solstice was until I witnessed 30 of them head up the Dragon this past weekend (and I must say, it was absolutely beautiful). I can appreciate the enthusiast it brings out in people because I understand that it isn't the car, but the comradery. Keith, Nellie, this group and myself share a similar comradery, for me though it happens to be with motorcycles.

I can't imagine the pain these families are experiencing right now; nor do I even want to. This post is not to make light of any situation but hopefully bring an additional perspective on things. I have been silent, which is far from my personality, yet my heart aches w/ sadness and it sickens me when I read blogs from those as posted by Deals Gap, which exude such ignorance. I'm not looking to assign fault, blame or responsibility; but before anyone passes judgement...ANYONE!...before assuming excessive speeds, racing, careless or reckless driving occurred, you should first understand that there is probably more than what's written in an accident report. I'd first like to start with the female driver of a Toyota Camry; the same individual who approached the Motorcycle Resort claiming to have witnessed the accident in her rear view mirror. Yes, there was another vehicle. To what extent and involvement, I have no idea. But I continue to ask myself; why disappear from such a tragic accident scene, after going to get help and driving help to the location? Why? Did that driver bear some fault in this?

I guess I don't want people to bear il-feelings toward Keith. Not right now. He needs all the love and compassion he can get from wife, family, friends & Solstice family. Yes, from Solstice family too. As I said, I share a similar comradery w/ motorcyclists and if I should ever be stricken with this situation, I hope my Harley family will display as much love as the people on this site have. Keith, Nellie & the almighty know what actually took place. And, until Keith pulls through I guess these questions will still exist, at least for me.

Without even knowing Keith I know he has a zest for life. I know this, as Keith held on tight while I held his hand in mine that fateful night. I pray that Keith recovers from this fully. I pray that his family remains strong. And, I hope that you all continue to pray as well.
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Originally Posted by Va_Sky View Post
Posted earlier on the Solstice side Titled Not just a bistander .
Thanks for posting it here.. hugs T.

My heart aches with sorrow. My prayers are with all off us.
Keith may God give your the strength to continue to heal. God Bless us all. amen....

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A sobering tragedy

Keith, family and friends - you are all in my prayers.

May GOD give you and us all, strength to heal all the physical as well as the emotional and psychological pain from this most tragic event.

Why this happened none of us can truly know but it's only through LOVE for all humanity through all of life's struggles and tragedies that we truly find GOD.

Spirituality & Health: God and Tragedy

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My thoughts and prayers go out to both families.
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You all are in my prayers

May you all feel the strength of the prayers that are going your way during this most difficult of times.

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My heart is just aching and I am just crying reading all of this... My heart and prayers go out to the families & to everyone that was there for this horrific event, along with the rest of our SKY/SOL family.

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I just heard and read about this tragedy. My heart goes out to kieth's wife, family, and friends. I don't want to cheepen or take away from thier needs, infact i am here to express the road to come. My mother was in a tegic accident in 2001 where she sustained a brain sheer injury and many other compliations and problems due to an 18 wheeler hitting her from behind and then a 97 chevy truck t-boneing her at 70mph.

The road is going to be tough and hard but to his family and friends i want it known that we are all here with our prayers and thoughts and if any of us can do anything please let us know. This happens so suddenly, but like in my moms case with patience and determination and with the lord by ya'lls side keith can and will pull through this and be a testament to the human spirit and will. I am not saying it is easy and that i do not sympathize with the family or that keith will ever be the same but i am saying that keith will get better and i hope ya'll feel all our love

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I just read about what happened. My prayers and thoughts go out to both families. I pray that Keith gets well soon.


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