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Kappa Mechanics White List - Testimonials on Trustworthy Mechanics

This is a topic for forum members to post reviews of mechanics in their area who they took their car to for repair/service/maintenance and who did good work.

This is meant to be a guide for other members to reference when looking for service in their area. There are some guidelines when posting to this thread.

First, no "Dealer X just rocks!" posts. For a proper review will list the following:
  • Name of the Dealership/Mechanic
  • Address of Business
  • Date of Service
  • Description of Service
  • Why the dealer is being added to this list. (Again, more than just "This Dealer Rocks!")

A review that does not contain these things will be deleted. Dates can be approximate or "Multiple" if you have taken your car there many times over a long period of time. If you don't have a full address, at least a city and state is required.

I'm sure I'll be adding to this introduction as necessary but let me start off with my dealer:

Name of Establishment: Paradise GMC/Buick and Paradise Chevy
Address: 27420 Ynez Rd,
Temecula, CA 92591

Date of Service: Multiple

Description of Service: Alignment, water pump repair, differential repair, ECM replacement.

Review: I've been taking my Sky to Paradise GMC/Buick since I bought the car. They have always been very good about servicing my car and I regularly see other Kappas in their service bays so they have a good knowledge of the car. Personally, I brought my car in for warranty differential work shortly after I got it. They got the car fixed promptly under warranty. However, they damaged two of my brand new wheels when putting them on (later I found out to damage the finish like they did was VERY easy...look at the wheels wrong and the finish falls off) and when confronted about the damage, quickly ordered two new wheels to replace the damaged ones without any hassle.

Next I went in for a water pump replacement. While they were replacing the pump, I requested that the install the LNF water tube and thermostat housing on my LE5 in preparation for my turbo build. They did so without hesitation.

The week before my turbo build, I had an SES light come on for my ECM. I cleared it and it didn't come back but my service advisor said to bring it in anyway and they'd do a quick scan on it at no charge to make sure everything was alright before the build. After the build, the ECM did, in fact, go out even though it had got a clean bill of health before the build. It was out of warranty due to the build but the dealer installed a used ECM I got off eBay and reset it to the factory specs then got it to "handshake" with the security system in my car. However, due to the turbo build the factory tune would not let the car run. The dealer moved my car out of their service bay after ECM installation and allowed me to flash the ECM with the turbo tune so I could make sure all was well before sending me on my way.

Just this week I took my car over to their sister dealership next door, Paradise Chevy. I was able to drop my car off at 6:00 AM and speak to a service advisor about doing an alignment on the Sky. As some may know, the Kappa was the first car GM manufactured that features adjustable rear castor. Most alignment shops will argue with you that the rear castor isn't adjustable. The newer model Corvettes also have this feature and so most Chevy dealerships will have the tool and the skills to set the rear castor on our cars as well as having an alignment rack low enough to have our cars drive on without problem. Paradise Chevy not only did all my adjustments but they also set the camber to the specs I provided.

Overall, when it comes to needing work done to my car beyond what I can do in my garage, these are the dealers I trust. Even with a modified car, I have never had any major issues with them working with my vehicle.

V.A.L. (#1108)
2007 2.4 Base
MagnaFlow dual outlet, quad tip exhaust test car

Max (#1547)
2007 TURBO 2.4
Too much to list here. See my Garage for details.

Last edited by Robotech; 04-28-2016 at 02:16 PM. Reason: Changed address to better show the city and state location information.
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Name of Establishment: B&T Motorsports
Address: 7644 Fullerton Rd
Springfield, VA 22153

Date of Service: June 2014

Description of Service: Install Solo High Flow Cat, weld together my Solo Catback exhaust, Change manual transmission/Differential fluid. (Yay for not having the right tools)

Review: The guys at B&T were great, they switched out the cat and welded together the formerly clamp-on catback with ease, the welds were nice and clean, and the cat went on without a hitch.
Changing the fluid was done without leaks or spills, I brought the fluid and LSD additive to them to use, they even returned the old fluid in the bottles as proof that it was changed.
Price was about $400 for all of that which I figured was more than fair.
They actually commented on the fact that the front fenders were close to the lift, so they kept an eye on that when lifting using my jacking pucks. No cracks or damage whatsoever! I'd easily trust these guys again if there were any major jobs I can't do.

Last edited by Robotech; 04-28-2016 at 02:16 PM. Reason: Changed address to better show the city and state location information.
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Great start to creating database of recommended facilities.
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Name of establishment: Moritz Chevrolet

Address: 9101 Camp Bowie West
Fort Worth, Texas

Date of service: Multiple

Description of service: Oil changes, coolant flush, water pump replacement, alignment, state inspection

Review. I get all of my service done here. They have a former Saturn tech on staff. Never a problem with broken fenders or air in coolant system (Had the coolant changed, and later water pump replaced). They did a "Corvette alignment" on my SKY. Prompt service and fair prices.

07 Sky
2.4L NA
5 speed
Limited slip differential
Chrome wheels
Premium trim package
Monsoon audio
AM/FM/XM/CD changer
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•Name of the Dealership/Mechanic
Tight-n-Tidy Racing

•Address of Business
16542 115th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98055

•Date of Service
Been there three different times.

•Description of Service
Tires & wheel mount and balance.

•Why the dealer is being added to this list. (Again, more than just "This Dealer Rocks!")
Just read my review here

Here, I'll paste it:

Bottom line: THE BEST tire installation experience(s) EVER!!

First, a little background on me:

I am a self proclaimed tire "enthusiast". My brother-in-law likes to use the word "nut" and jokes about all the research I do when choosing tires. I will scout reviews on Tire Rack, America's Tire, Les Schwab, Google, wherever I can find info. To me it's like the commercials... Too much rides on my tires to just go pick whatever is on the rack in the store. Sure there are the listed specs for wear, load, and speed ratings... Ohhh look, a snowflake symbol! :P None of that tells me which tires is better when 2 or more tires have the same exact numbers! Sorry, I don't plop down at least half a G without doing some research!

Tires can be a major transformation on a vehicle. In many cases they are THE biggest bang for your buck performance enhancement. If you're the "just pick something off the rack" kind of person, then this review is not going to do much for you.

Anyway, back to the review...

I found out about Tight-N-Tidy via the NW Subaru forums. I was looking for someone local to install a set Blizzaks for my mother-in-law. The options were to install them up here and take them to her, or pick them up at the Tire Rack warehouse and get them installed near her. Luckily the place near her quoted something stupid like $60 per tire for tires not purchased at their location! Even the big chains up here wanted half of that! So I had them shipped to my house and on a whim search Google for Puget Sound tire installers. That led me to the Subaru forums, and so on...

I admit I was a little leery at first about a home based tire installer. I decided to give it a go after checking out the machines on the web page. Their response to my initial inquiry was super quick and polite. We got a time scheduled and I swung by after getting out of work one evening. Of course Kent Valley traffic was "turrabull" and ran me late but Karl and Amy were understanding. Watching them work together was pretty cool. It's obvious they've had quite a bit of practice and time working together.

It's worth making a not here:

They balance tires down to zero. Meaning, no weight variation what-so-ever!

Most tire places get it "close enough" or "as good as it can be" and then try to blow it off on wheel or tire irregularities. I know because I've been told both on occasions where I've watched other technicians work, or noticed that wheels didn't feel completely balanced after an install. Talk about frustrating!

Anyway, it was a great experience and I enjoyed watching a truly professional team at work. Even if it had me flashing back to my Auto Mechanics 1 class that I took in high school.

That's it for the first experience!

Be a part of the solution!
In fond rememberance... We miss ya' Skip, but we'll never ferget ya! :)
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•Name of the Dealership/Mechanic
Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic

•Address of Business
4725 Auburn Way N
Auburn, WA 98002

•Date of Service
N/A (see review)

•Description of Service
Attempted transmission service (see review)

•Why the dealer is being added to this list.
Reviews on Yelp!

And what I put on Yelp:
Not too many places will turn you away when they have a chance to make a few bucks.

Brandon was very polite in all my dealings, and I can't recall the names of the shop guys but the mechanic and the transmission guy took time out of their day to explain why they felt it would be a bad idea to dump money into transmission on my son's Taurus.

So, yes, it was frustrating at first to be told that it wasn't worth doing the few fixes I'd read about (fluid & filter swap). But after talking with them and getting the details, I had to agree. :/

Very nice folks. Very knowledgeable. Easy to work with.


More details:

My sons car is an older Taurus that has seen better days. It's a fairly worn out engine that probably needs a good overhaul to get it back to its former glory. (worn rings, etc...)

I swapped out plugs and changed out a AC compressor pully. That stopped the awful rrrRRRrrrRRRrrr... noise and gave it back some power, but it was still having issues shifting. So I limped it over to Dave's to get diagnosed.

They had to cleaned up a connector to even get it to connect to their diagnostics. They did a test drive and it was shifting, but a little rough from time to time. They came to the conclusion that the only thing that would make it 100% again would be a full rebuild.

For a car that barely hits 2K on KBB, it's not worth the man hours to yank the thing out and rebuild it.

So, yeah, I was a little frustrated that there isn't much to be done to prolong the life of the tranny... However, it was pretty cool of them to let me know all their impressions to prevent me from spending more than what the car is worth to have a bulletproof tranny, when in all likelihood the engine will probably give out before he'd even get the miles on the rebuilt tranny.
So... when one of my cars needs something that's out of my scope (requires a lift, major stuff, etc...) I will definitely look their way.

Be a part of the solution!
In fond rememberance... We miss ya' Skip, but we'll never ferget ya! :)
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great start. thanks. does anyone have a suggestion for Michigan near Pontiac
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Guess I will add mine to this list for what its worth.

Name of Dealer: Hoffman Automotive Chevy/Caddy

Address: 101 S. Edgewood Dr.
Hagerstown Md.21740

Date of Service: Multiple visits

Description of Service: oil changes, coolant flush, tire balancing/rotations, ignition recall

Review: I have had recent success with this dealer. SM and Asst. SM are great people to work with. Not just with the Kappa either. Bought and traded in a few cars at this location. Close and quick service. Attention to detail. Willing to work with "this" customer! Every time I bring my Sky in there, it is always a side show for them. The put up with the attention factor not disruption their normal operations in the service lanes. Price and quality of work I don't know maybe an 8 on a scale of 10.

I would like to also add this business too, as they have done recent work to my Kappa. Very pleased with their work. Not a lot of good body shops around here, if you ever need work done to your Kappa around here.

Name of Business: Mace Auto Body Shop Inc.

Address location: 12908 Bikle Rd.
Smithsburg Md. 21783

Date of Service: August 2016

Description of Service: Repair/replace/repaint Hood, front drivers side quarter panel. Replaced trunk hinge, re-aligned truck lid.

Review: Nice people easy to work with. Quality work at a decent price. Went out of their way, on my trunk lid adjustment! Nice shop and the location is great. They have worked on Kappa's before so there is that.

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