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Vehicle Name MAX
Year 2007
Make Saturn
Model Sky
Color Midnight Blue
Packages Leather, Monsoon
2007 Saturn Sky
2007 Saturn Sky 2007 Saturn Sky 2007 Saturn Sky
History This is the second Sky I purchased. I purchased this car used in July 2014. It was also an early build Sky like my first car (no door lock switch inside the vehicle) and only had 44K miles on it when I bought it.

It started off nearly bone stock with only the GMPP intake installed. My first modification was the 3" Magnaflow exhaust and, other than the size of the exhaust and the billet grills, this car was a perfect copy of my original Sky.

But the modifications wouldn't stop there. First round of major modifications came with the sale of my beloved but non-functional Grand Prix. With that money, the new wheels, sway bars, braces and coil overs for the suspension were purchased. After that came paint and plastic dip for the head lights, tail lights, door handles, and badges.

Some where in all this the radio got upgraded too. It was hard to hear the stock head unit but the Kenwood made listening even with the top down no problem.

The next major step in the modification process was the turbo install. This was basically the LNF's K04 turbo installed on the LE5. Most parts transferred right over but the cold side charge pipe, oil return line, and water return line all had to be tweaked or fabricated from stock to work on the LE5. Also, injectors were beefed up at this point and a boost controller was installed to manage boost levels.

At this point, the car was tuned with HP Tuners for about 8-10 psi of boost. Any more than that and the stock clutch would not handle the power. With the final goal of 400 whp in mind, other parts of the car had to be modified to support the next turbo that would take me to that power level. This is where the Hahn intercooler, boost referenced return fuel system, power steering relocation, high flow cat, bigger fuel pump and new hot side pipe were added.

It was also during this time where I added the LED lights both front and rear.

With these supporting modifications done, it was time to address the clutch. A Spec Stage 3+ clutch and the Quaife LSD differential were installed to handle the amount of power I was shooting for (and then some) along with improving rear traction under acceleration for autocross. This would be important with the increased power.

Next up after the clutch is a big wheel K04 turbo. I was hoping to hit at least 325 with this turbo but alas, it was not to be...yet. On the dyno we got 248 whp and 280 ft/lbs. The reason the numbers are so far apart is the turbo was experiencing boost drop-off in the upper RPMs. She peaked at 12 psi but dropped to 9. I believe I've traced it back to the boost controller and I need to go with a more advanced electronic version to maintain the 12 psi of boost. The rule of thumb is 10 hp/lb of boost so with that she should be around 280/280 hp/tq. Then I want to work on it some more and see if we can't get her to 15 psi which would put me in the 300 whp range.

I did want to go to 400 whp but the issue is trying to get that kind of power on a turbo car and not have a lot of lag. Being as I love to autocross, I may just stick with this smaller turbo and keep the power levels where they are to reduce issues autocrossing due to turbo lag. So a new boost controller is next up and maybe some headwork...maybe.

I've autocrossed the car NA and with the first turbo install. This season will be my third autocrossing and I hope now with some seat time under my belt and the improved performance I will be a top contender in my class (with Vettes, Vipers, 350Zs, BRZ/FRS, etc). With the turbo, I managed a 8th place finish last year (out of 16) and edged out a Dodge ACR Viper by 3/100ths of a second on course.

As you can see, this project has taken some time (about two years so far) but it has been one heck of a journey.
2007 Saturn Sky Exterior 2007 Saturn Sky Exterior 2007 Saturn Sky Exterior
Custom vinyl graphics, 3.0" Magnaflow dual outlet exhaust, stubby antenna, billet grills on lower vents and front grill, body color door handles, painted gunmetal window trim, tulip panel, front grill, plastidipped badges and headlight buckets, painted headlight eyebrows, painted tail light eyebrows and tint, functional side vents, functional brake vents, functional "Mustang" style carbon fiber hood vents, LED headlights, LED head lamp parking lights, LED Switchback Amber/White front turn signals, LED Sweeplight rear turn/brake lamps, LED fog lights, 2.4T rear badging.

2007 Saturn Sky Interior 2007 Saturn Sky Interior 2007 Saturn Sky Interior
Plastidipped badge. Wideband Gauge and Boost Gauge in A-pillar holder, DDM short throw shifter, orange painted Center Console, two tone orange and black seats, blue carbon fiber dash trim, carbon fiber D-shaped steering wheel.

In-Car Entertainment
2007 Saturn Sky In-Car Entertainment
Kenwood Touch screen DVD player with smartphone connectivity and custom Sky themed wallpaper and startup screen.

Under the Hood
2007 Saturn Sky Under the Hood 2007 Saturn Sky Under the Hood 2007 Saturn Sky Under the Hood
Powder Coated valve cover, RPM Motorsports Big Wheel K04 Turbo, Hahn Intercooler, custom 2.5" hot side charge pipe, RPM Motorsports 3" cold side charge pipe, AEM Wide Band O2 sensor, 60# Siemens injectors, 2-bar GM MAP, LNF exhaust manifold, TurboSmart eBoost2 boost controller, LNF water tube, thermostat housing, water feed line and oil feed line, DDM 2.4 turbo kit oil return line, custom water return line, modified DDM fuel rail converted for return style boost referenced fuel system, FueLab Fuel pressure regulator, high flow fuel pump, RPM Motorsports high flow cat downpipe, power steering pump reservoir relocation kit, Spec Stage 3+ clutch, Quaife LSD, DDM Short Throw Shifter, Werks Racing Adjustable Master Cylinder and 1/8" slave cylinder spacer.

Ready to go in: GenIII 2.4 block with Balance Shafts removed, Wiseco 8.8:1 forged pistons, Carillo Super A Beam forged rods, ARP head studs, fully balanced. Werks WR-4 Turbo with TIAL external waste gate, ceramic exhaust coating, orange powder coat compressor housing, Spec Aluminum Flywheel, Werks dual pass radiator, 160 t-stat, 80lb Siemens DEKA IV injectors, ARP timing chain bolts, Werks single valve springs with Titanium Retainers

2007 Saturn Sky Suspension 2007 Saturn Sky Suspension 2007 Saturn Sky Suspension
BC Coil Overs w/ 5K springs front and 7K springs rear, DDM Probeam rear suspension brace, DDM Backbone brace Sport version, DDM Venom front suspension brace, Z0K Redline/GXP rear anti-sway bar, Differential Poly bushing. Quaife Limited Slip Differential. Wilwood/TCE Big Brake Kit with 6 piston front calipers and single piston rear calipers. 13.0" front rotors and 12.3" rear rotors.

Wheel and Tire
2007 Saturn Sky Wheel and Tire
Proline 901 18x8s with Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 245/45R18s.
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