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Vehicle Name Hammer
Year 2006
Make Pontiac
Model #004 Mallett Hammer
Color Sly
Packages Leather seats, cruise control, AC, Monsoon
2006 Pontiac #004 Mallett Hammer
2006 Pontiac #004 Mallett Hammer 2006 Pontiac #004 Mallett Hammer
History This is one of the pictures I bought the car off of. Will get better ones as it gets closer to completion.

This is the first car sold by Mallet Cars. It is one of the first V8 Conversions of the Kappa platform. Shown at the 2006 Florida International Car Show by Mallet and General Motors. It is the only signed Mallett Solstice. The only 425 WHP conversion by Mallett.

I am officially the third owner, but the original owner was part of the Mallett Corporation.

The car has had a tough last couple of years. Slid into a curb, engine removed, wire loom destroyed, front bumper lost, passenger side door interior missing or sold, sat outside in California smog/rain and heat for two years. Car was on its way to the junk yard when I bought it.

All numbers match on this car to the original paperwork. Embossed block, embossed bell housing, door panel certificate. this car retailed for 65,970 dollars. Over 40K in options.

In the process of rebuilding/restoring the car to original Mallett level.
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