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Well after a long wait, I felt the urge to return to this place. From my childhood, to bringing my own daughter here for vacations.
I deceided this trip was just for me. I had to put this trip off, by about a month, but it was worth the wait, on this trip of mine. A month later, and we pulled the trigger on this vacation.
I had planned out a special route for this trip. Not the interstate, get there as fast as you can. The shortest route, quickest time, saves on gas,
less time on the highways. Not what I had in mind for this go round for BSA ( Blue Sky Adventures ) I had no photos of this place. None.
We sure had to change that on this trip. Lots of photos. Not sure when I will make it back here.

Leaving on a Thursday afternoon, to avoid some of the daily traffic, the skies were only partly sunny. Oh well! Not going to ruin it for me.
Top was down, the camera's were " rolling" as they say. A 1:15pm get away, had me stopped at 1:30pm. Great now what? Road repaving. Brand new asphalt.
15 minute delay to start this trip off. Nope not going to ruin it for me I thought, just relex and drive the car and the roads.
A quick flight through the outskirts of Hagerstown, a jump on to I-81 south, for a 2 exit blast, and we are on Old 40 west. The road west before the interstate.
Early settlers kinda go forth to the Ohio Valley. Through the town of Clear Springs, up along the hillside the road winding along, got me out of my funk,
with the delay from the road paving start.

I made the jump back on to I-70 west, for short period around the town of Hancock. Been awhile since I had gone this way. Nice country side. By now it was time to get off
on to Old 40 again. The National Turnpike. Exit 72 the scenic version. Oh boy turn the camera on. What a great road and drive. Quiet and fun twists and turns
for the Sky and me. Enjoyed this strech of road, cause there was no one else out there. Had the road to myself! The smile on my face never felt so good. Now I know
why I made this trip. Here was the road, here was day, me the car, the cameras. Worth it so. After the scenic 40 west, you have to continue on, Rt144 which is the ATL. for 40W/I70 interstate
traffic. I wanted to follow this route, for the historical sense, and peace and quiet from the drone of 18 wheelers. Through the town of Flintstone, ( where's Fred? ) on to Plesant Grove,
just above the town of Cumberland. Back to I-68 west time around Cumberland and Frostburg, then back to the side roads. This part of the state is special as it is different. Rolling mountians,
with the red brick buildings of old Cumberland town. Rough and gritty, by nature and man, but the view out of town past Frostburg is true Maryland at it's best.
The weather was much cooler now, most fo the sun was gone. Not a problem, still smiling. Time to leave the traffic, finish the last leg of this journey to the lake.

Exit 22 off at Chesnut Ridge. I have no idea. Never been here before, but saw it on the map, as another way to get to the lake, the non tourist route. Another great road'
for the car and me to explore. Great choice, as I ran to down through twisty sections. New Germany State Park Rd. That's the one for me. Wonerful scenery. Fun road! It was over too quick.
On to Bittenger Rd and to Glendale Rd for the final drive to the lake. It sure was nice. Low speed cruise in. Brought back some memories for me. A quick right on to Rt 219, Oakland Hwy
brought some new and old images for me. Short run up to Will O' Wisp condos I was shutting down the car before I knew it. It was a great run, top down to the lake in the mountians.

Unpacked the car, and check in. 4:30 pm. Not bad. 3 hours. 1 bedroom/loft condo, 3 days, lake front. Tough I know. Money for was worth it. I would not have stay elsewhere.
I walked around the place, getting to know it again for me. Out to the boat dock. Down to their beach. Yup, all comming
back now. 1/2 hour later and I was hungry. Let's try the Pub and food. Ace's Run . Nice place. Crowd was older set. Some from the condo's and some locals. Not bad. Had a beer
and burger, and relaxed some more. After that I took another trip down to lake front. Nice. Now what? Cooler and cloudy. A movie maybe. Saw MI Rouge Nation. Ok hollywood and
Tom Cruise. 2 hours and were done. Did it. Went for Ice cream, and they had just close. I'll be back, as Arnold would say. Back to the condo for some video editing and sleep.

By 1 pm I was down. Quiet. Peace along the lake front. End of Day 1

Day 2
The Run to Muddy Creek Falls & around the lake.

Well got up and going around 7am. Slept good. Coffee and a balcony view of the lake. What a deal. Tough job but someone has to do it. Planning on a loop around the lake through
Deep Creek Park, along the shoreline, then down to Swallow Falls State park. Been here before, but again no photos. Should be good start to Day 2, then I think maybe Uno pizza and few beers
at the Honi Honi bar. Late night Ice cream run too.

The run around the lake: Day 2

Started off with bright blue sunshine. No clouds. Cool but a nice kinda cool. Got rolling out about 11am Top down loop around.
Left the condo for quick trip down RT 219. Left turn and we are on Glendale Rd. Over the bridge, and along the shore line, I just tooled along. Houses and boats. Waterfront property. Real nice driving here. Turning left on to State Park Rd. Well I didn't really stop into the park. Pay to park for a few minutes, and it was to nice out, to stop driving. Along the waterline I saw homes and boats that were something else. Big bucks. Few for sale, for for rent/lease. Summer time and the lake, no problem. Winter time, it is sking at Wisp. Lot of snow up here in the winter. Crowds are light, few places busy. Stopped at a spot. Few photos, little break. Nice view. I would build there too!

Made a left turn, onto Rock Lodge Rd. back along the waterline we go. 30 mph, no cars, easy cruising. More nice homes. More for sale. Boy has this place changed. So much for the state secret about this place. Real nice road for quick blip of the go pedal. Whoosh, and your around another turn. Way on the other side of the lake, I could see my condo. Another mile and it began to turn more open, more new townhomes. Sure was nice to see the lake, on this road, top down, slow rolling cruise. Blue Sky Adventures.

Out on to RT 219 down past all the tourist stuff, to Mayhew Inn Rd. Another fun road for the Sky, and me. Slow in fast out. On and off smooth on the throttle. Car sticks. Need newer tires.

Right turn onto Swallow Falls Rd. 1/2 mile right turn again Muddy Creek Falls and Swallow Creek Falls State Park, is at your doorstep. Nice. Park the car, streched out my back, grab the camera, and away I went. 1 mile loop trail. Tolliver Falls first, after about a 10 minute walk. Water level was low. NOt much falling, but was a cool place. Down the trail, next spot up. Swallow Falls, Upper and Lower. Better more water flow. Opened up
to allow me to go to waters edge. Took photos, down onto the water. Back to the trail. Walked for go ways. Some guy was fishing in a little cove. Great sound of the water, rushing by. Old trees, 300 yr old hemlocks. Last grove around. Tall and straight. Some snapped in half, storms and snow. More water sounds. Must be getting close. Yup there it is. Muddy Creek Falls. Not real big, but better than the other 3 combined. Few people swimming. More photos. Now the long climb up the stairs.
50 or was it 60 steps later I stopped. Catch my breath yes, but great photo op was at hand. Walked to the edge, stuck the camera over, and snapped away. Straight down. Turned out good,from the photo preview. Could be in a 9 x 12 frame later. Off to the car. Something caught my eye. Two deer, young fawns 20 yards away. Camera up, got um. Ran right by me. You never know.
Back to the car, one more stop to make yet.

Day 2 was off to a pretty good start. Now for something I wanted to do for a very long time. More photos. Off to Wisp. Parked up the car, off to the chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. 3100 ft give or take. Slow ride up. Great views. Worth every second. Strolled around the top. Water park up there. Running out of battery power on one camera, and I was getting hungry. Riding down the lift, got "THE" lake photo shot. Put that one in a frame too. Long walk back to the car. Need to cool off, after it got warmer this afternoon. I know just the thing. Another box to check off the list. Did the chairlift, now have to fix something from last nice. ICE CREAM.

Lake Side Creamery. Rt 219. Good stuff. Missed them last night, but not this time. Had the place all to myself. What to get?
Why, all of them ofcoarse. Four scoops later. Let's see I had one of coffee, one chocolate, fudge ripple, and mint chocolate chip. Job well done. Mission accomplished! Back to the condo, for some feet up rest. Nap time. 1 1/2 hr later it was close to 7 pm. Dinner time. Pizza. Uno is close by. Shower and go. Waited a few minutes, but had deep dish, 3 or 4 slices and beer. Not bad. Going on 9 pm. Now what? One last thing to check off another box, on my list.

Smilie's. Go-karts. Yup. Had to. Watched a few groups of kids go at it. Joking and laughing, but I was not here for that. Talked to guys, who worked there. Gonna get some hot laps all to myself. 5 quick ones. Full on out go for it. Before the next group got here. Out I went. Never lifted. Flat out run what you brung. Not bad for an old man. Few looks and smiles. I was getting it. Worth it. Guys and I laughed about after, as a new group was ready to go. Had to show them the car, for their hot laps donation to me.

Brought the car around, guys waved then their jaws dropped. The mexican family was whoa, what is that pappi? Had them talking as I drove back to the condo. Not a bad ending for Day 2. Did some video editing, and typing for this blog. Time for sleep around midnight.

Day 3
BBQ and Lake regatta.

Got up around 6:15 am. Sun just comming up, lake mist. Coffee and view over the balcony. I could get use to this. Sure is nice here. The plan for today is relax before the return trip home tomorrow. Want to try Archie BBQ, and down to Deep Creek Lake Yatch Club for their races at noon. Well that's the plan for the day. Few boxes left to check off on my list.

Finding out where and how to get to the races, proved a little more difficult as I got lost. After the right directions, from a local I found it. Got there around 12:30 and watched the regatta of Flying Scott class make several passes around the course. Nice day for it too. Good breeze made for some close racing. Enjoyed my time there. Fun to watch, and film. Getting close to 2 pm before I left. Back road drive to Rt 219, and then on to lunch.

Wanted to try this place to eat for awhile now. Archie's BBQ. Sure did smell good when I got there. Had a beef brisket sandwich, cole slaw, medium ice tea. Not bad. More on the menu that I would like to try there. Worth a visit if your in the area. On the drive back down Rt 219, I felt the need for some dessert. Where and what? I know another round of Ice Cream.

Lakeside Creamery for two scoops. Very busy when I got there. Had choclate and coffee mix. Man is that stuff good. Saw the same guys from the BBQ place, that I had lunch with having a round of ice cream there too. Heard a few comments about the car, from some guy at the yatch club, and at the ice cream place.

Back to the condo for the last night here. Enjoying the view from the balcony at sunset. Full moon over the water now. I could live here.
Glad I made this trip now. Wish I had visited this place more than once every 10 years. Special to the state of Maryland. Worth a vacation if your considering some place new. Lots for adults to do here, and kids will love the water features and Wisp adventures park. Looking back on the places I visited here, the things I checked off my list, brought back many memories for me. This place, is still the top spot to go for me. Fenwick Island Md, and maybe Broomes Island running a close 2nd and 3rd. Then there is tomorrow and the return to LAC. Little Anteitam Creek. Home for now, but I would consider buying a place here, if that chance came to pass. After driving around here, seeing the waterfront property, mountain homes, boats, parks, nature at its finest in these mountain, would change alot of peoples minds. Met a few people during my stay. Many were first time vistors here. This place is great they said. They will be back again, that I am sure of. As will I. Forgot how nice it was here.

Stay in for the night. Did a nice nap after I got back. Had left over pizza from UNO's and a few beers for dinner. Edited the video and photos. Watched a movie. Thinking about the drive home tomorrow. Hate to leave here now. Very relaxed. Very late now, time for sleep as it is 1230pm. End to Day 3.

Day 4

One last look around, and the return trip home

Up at 6:45am. Coffee is brewing up now, and it looks like the weather is partly sunny.
Enjoying the view out my balcony. Slow morn*ing. Not wanting to leave just yet. Really
relaxed. Thinking about the drive home. Pack up things, clean up around here.

Packing up the car. Leaving out of here around 10:00am. Drive up Rt. 219 Heading down
the I-68 east towards Cumberland. Traffic is light for a Sunday morning. Cruise control is set, enjoying the
scenery. No police so far. Couple of speed demons out at 85mph. Have to get some gas after Cumberland.

Stopped in Hancock for gas. Met a couple from Indiana. Driving a ZR1. Corvette's at Carlise. That explains
the number of corvette's out on I-70 I saw. Not far from home now. Traffic is picking up, the closer I get
to the farm. Still relaxed. Remembering the view from my balcony just a 2 hours ago.

Off the interstate. 6 miles up Rt 66, take a right and 3 more miles to the farm. Pulled in around 12:30. Not bad.
2 hours at hwy speeds. 332 miles round trip travel. $40.00 in gas. Spent about $200 during my stay. Plus the cost of
condo for 4 days, came to just under $1000. Was it worth that much? Yup would have not had it any other way.

Well worth the time I spend there. Enjoyed it. Easy than having to deal with the beach traffic on the way to Ocean City.
Not sure why it took me so long to return to my number 1 getaway spot. Must visit again soon. The trip, the roads, the scenery
brought back many memories for me. Deep Creek Lake and the journey continues.
View from the chairlift at Wisp. Just a few feet up in the air.
Muddy Creek Falls
The place
Balcony view at sunrise
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