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Run to the Shore
Mountains to the Shore Run, a trip across my state in my Sky.
A sights, smells, sounds and taste tour of my past that has been missing from my life recently.

It has been many years since I have visited one of my favorite places to go for me at least here in my home state.
Everyone that does live in this state, goes to Ocean City, MD. at some point in their lifetime or driving career.
I have made this run many times before, but not recently for me. Been almost ten years since my last visit, in the 2009.
This will be the first time in the Sky, with the Go-Pro 1080HD in car dash cam.

I have planned a 3 day, 2 night stay at Fenwick Island, MD. right at the state line with Delaware. I have stayed at other
places & hotels along the coast, but I come back to this place for a reason. Now for some facts and figures about this run.

Leave time: 10:30am Arrive time: 2:30pm.
Travel time: 3 1/2 hours one way give or take depending on the traffic during this run.
Mileage: 400 plus round trip.
Gas: Expensive. At least 2 fill ups @ appox. $ 30-35 dollars worth each. $ 70.00 will revise this after I return.
Hotel: Quality Inns & Suites Oceanblock 14502 Coastal Hwy. MD. Use to be an Econo Lodge. Not the best or most expensive, works for me, I'll explain why later.
Route: Some interstate travel, with some back roads when possible. Always looking for a new twisty section to try in the Sky.
Fastest route vs the journey. It is not always about the destination, more about the journey getting there and back for me.
Food: Nick's Original House of Ribs. Next to my hotel. On site is Rio Grande Cafe, poolside bar for breakfest/lunch. Live music at night.
Expenses: Hotel rates for now, $166. per night x 2. $ 332. plus taxes.
MPG: Unknown will update upon return. 26.6 was the last reading I have on the DIC. Hwy. interstate travel will increase this
with the cruise control. 30.1 is expected from my run to Lexington, KY. for the National event in 2017.

Traffic: Not good. There is always traffic when heading to the beach here. The I-95 corridor of Hell around the Wash. D.C./Balt. MD is not to
be missed. Yes it is, so I avoid it when I can. The famous or infamous Chesapeake Bay Bridge back up around Annapolis, MD or on the Kent Island side is always a
fun thing... not. Most people would take the obivous route, US 50/301 east, across the Bay Bridge to Wye Mills, then south past Easton to
Cambridge, then east to Salisbury, MD. The by-pass takes you east towards the split near the town of St. Martin. Here you can stay on US 50 which leads you
into the older part of Ocean City, near Caroline St. Once there the Coastal Hwy looms before you from 1st St. to 146th St.
The other route is Rt.90 Ocean City express way, if your staying in a hotel in the northern part of O.C.

I have something different planned here for my run.
Day 1:

Route: After leaving my home, I will start out on MD Rt. 64 east towards Smithsburg, MD. There I turn left onto
the now famous Rt. 77 east heading towards Thurmont, MD. From there I head south on Rt. 15 towards Frederick, MD. Once there we have to get on
the interstate for a short blast, Rt. 70 east towards Balt. MD.

At the town of West Friendship, which takes about an hour from my home to this point. I will be getting on Rt. 32 east passing by I-95, Rt 1, Rt 295 & Rt 3 to get
to Rt 97 south towards Rt. 50/301 east. Once on Rt 50/301 we head east to the Bay Bridge. Toll here, $2.50 per car last time I was there. One way charge. The view looking up & down the
Chesapeake Bay is spectacular. After crossing the bridge we stay on Rt 50 until the town of Wye Mills. Everyone continues south on Rt. 50.
Not me however. Here I take a left turn onto Rt 404 heading east towards the town of Denton, MD. Much quiter ride less traffic and mess
than the southern Rt. 50 route. Still it can be crowded as a lot of people do take this route towards the Delaware beach resort towns.

Now we have crossed into the state of Delaware pasting the town of Bridgeville, DE. Here it gets tricky as Rt. 13 heads south, but you have to make a left onto
Rt. 404/Rt 18 Seashore Hwy. towards the town of Georgetown, DE. Here we change roads again to Rt. 113 Dupont Blvd. heading south. Follow Rt. 113 towards
the towns of Millsboro, DE. & Frankford heading towards Selbyville, DE. right at the state line of DE/MD. Making a left turn on to Rt. 54 Lighthouse Rd.
we travel the last few miles to the ocean from here. At the end of this road, the Coastal Hwy, Rt 528 is before us. The state line is 146th St. here.
I will be making a right here and go past my hotel, to make a U-turn at 144th St. then back to 145th St. and my hotel. Done park the car and unload.
This evening I will stay close, as there are things to do within walking distance of my hotel, normal stuff, putt-put golf, movie place, walk along the beach maybe.
The Lighthosue is always a cool thing, I might visit, see if I can get some video's/photos from there for the sunset/sunrise.

** I might try a new route at Millsboro, DE. I saw this backroad, Rt. 20 just south of town that takes me to Fenwick Island. Worth a shot, you only live once.

Day 2:

Plan to do breakfest of Belgin waffes, O.J. bacon & fruit with coffee. Then off to the beach early 8:30am-11:30am with the locals before it gets crowded by noon time.
Back to my room, then some lite lunch at poolside bar & grill. Crab cake & beers.

Early dinner is planned at Nick's at 4pm. Then the cruise with the Go-Pro down the Coastal Hwy. to the Boardwalk of old Ocean City.
Hitting the boardwalk is always fun, lots to do for the kids. Being older now the carnival rides don't interest me much. The Ferris Wheel stands
out, lighted up in all it's glory. There is a train/tram that rides up/down the boardwalk if you don't feel like walking here.
Few things I do want is Thrasher Fries. Different and unique. Another might be Fisher's popcorn. Salt water taffy, the odd T-shirt purchase, but the real thing here is
people watching along the boardwalk. The strange and bizzare happens, wait for it.

For those adults not wanting to deal with children there are adult places to go. Bars... a few I can recomend.
Near my hotel way up the coast is: Harpoon Hanna's, on Rt. 54. Not bad worth it but it gets crowded. Decent food menu. Other local places near here too. Seacrets Jamaica is another
good spot for food & drink on the bayside at 49th St.
Here on the boardwalk you have your choice depending on your style. A search on google maps brings up many locations and genes of food for your tastes.
The Purple Moose Saloon is a popular place. Brass Balls Saloon and Bull on the Beach come to mind. Big Pecker's is an infamous place just for the name alone.

Now finished with the boardwalk tour, it's back up the Coastal Hwy. with 2 stops planned before returning to my hotel for the evening at the poolside bar for late night refreshments.
Go-Karts anyone? Jolly Rodgers Amusement Park at 32nd St. Rides, bungee sling and Karts. Worth a few bucks.
Ice cream to cool down after? Dumser's Ice Cream is a popular place at 125th St.

Other things to do: Renting bikes on the boardwalk, watercraft rentals, even boat towed parachute glider is available. Fishing can be had
at many locations. Just south of O.C. is Chincoteague/Assateague Island St Parks, known for it's famous wild ponies.
North of my hotel location is Fenwick Island State Park, DE. Not bad when the crowds are small. Worth a visit.
Shopping: Everywhere. Gold Coast Mall, Ron Jon Surf shop, Sunsations locations, plus many other options here.
If golfing is your thing, Ocean Pines Course is a great place. There is a race track for horses close by. Yes an airport for small planes is near by too.
Food where to eat what. Many options here for you to chose from. Phillips Seafood is a good place at 141st St. & the Crab Cake Factory another at 120th St.
Many other options to choose from. Hotel choices, from the very least expensive to the most expensive Hi-Rise, shop and compare, with your options of must haves during
your stay. Price, location, amenities available, beachfront, or on the bay side where it is quieter. Check the site of OC Webcams live too. One other note is when to go?

During the summer Memorial Day to Labor Day is busy. Expect crowds of 350,000 on a holiday weekend crush. The town population year round is about 7,000.
More expensive during the weekends. I go in the middle of the week, Tuesday to Thursday. Cheaper with less crowds. In the off-season, before Memorial Day or
after Labor Day, savings can be had here. Prices drop, and the crowds are not a factor when selecting a hotel that is still open, the beach is almost empty.

Day 3:

Quick breakfest, then we leave this place with our quick exit from my hotel around 10:30am, one left turn onto Rt 54 west, and we are gone heading home. Traffic & the Bay Bridge crossing await me.
4 hours and we are home once again around 2:30pm. Back along the Little Antietam Creek, no place else like it.

Totals for the trip:
Money spent: Too much.
Gas money: Thank you Shell Oil
Miles: Butt factor long ride
Enjoyment factor: Permagrin factor 10.

* History:

To give you some scope to this beach town, there are 3 parts to consider. Old O.C. is from the inlet harbour enterance at S. 2nd St. up to 66th St. Beyond that
you encounter the developed section, the Gold Coast area, 66th St. to 96th St. Hi-Rise city, can't miss it from anywhere on the coast. Past that is northern O.C.
from 96th St. to the state line at 146th St. Keep this in mind when selecting your choice of hotels, beachfront. The other option and cheaper is the bayside of the Coastal Hwy.
The famous Boardwalk runs from S. 2nd St. up to 27th St.

During the early period, the appeal of Ocean City as a resort was largely in its natural beauty, and many came just to watch the waves breaking on the shore,
view the sunset over the bay, or feel the winds of the sea rustling the dune grass. The first beachfront inn was made available to visiting guests in 1869.
Shortly after this, the town was surveyed and the decision was made to develop 250 beachfront lots.

The Atlantic Hotel, for many years the northern-most attraction in Ocean City, was opened on July 4th of the year the resort was officially founded: 1875.
It offered 400 rooms, billiards, and entertainment for gentlemen and offered the natural beauty of a small coastal town along the Atlantic Ocean.
A railroad from Berlin was developed in 1878, which allowed travelers to cross the Sinepuxent Bay directly to the resort and the town was incorporated in 1880.

In 1952 and 1964 respectively, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel were completed. This increased access to the resort from the south and west and the fame of Ocean City
as the Mid- Atlantic’s premier resort grew. The importance of these two gateways to the shore cannot be underestimated as prior to their completion the only access to the peninsula
was by skirting the bay and descending on the resort from the north.

From humble beginnings as a quiet ocean getaway, the resort has now grown to a booming vacation destination with a year round population of just over 7,000 residents and a transient population
of over 300,000 on weekends during the summer season. The history of Ocean City is one of growth but also one of small town roots and Eastern Shore culture.
Ocean City is the small town by the sea reborn as the famous resort destination in an endless cycle of summer and winter.
The heart of the town is the ocean and its future is bound with the waves and winds that blow off the sea and its people.

UPDATE: 8/7/18 Returned with Permagrin plastered all over my face.

Facts & Figures: 3 Days

Miles: 475
Cost: $ 675 total
Gas: $ 56.+ Price range 3.49 to 3.29 per. for 19 gals. bought.
Mpg. 28.2 Back roads, Hwy cruise control, stop and go beach traffic conditions.
* Traffic was heavy at times, including " 1 1/2 hour wait " to get across the
Bay Bridge on noon time. Tues nite at 2am would have been better!
In town beach traffic was heavy for White Marlin Tourney.

Odo reading: Start 40564 Finish 41038
Travel time: 10 hrs. 6 hrs. down normally is 4 hrs. Left at 10am. got there 4 pm. Not good.
Got lost once trying to find a back road to Fenwick. Add extra 20 minutes there and a few miles too.
Saved it on the return run as I used Rt 20 and it cut miles and traffic for me going back home.
Left at 730am arrived home 1130 am. Not bad with some light to moderate traffic.

Hotel: 2 nights for $418 total. More than normal for this hotel except I went on the
week of the White Marlin Fishing tourney. Added to the traffic and prices during my stay.
Record catch for a Blue just before I left. 881 lbs. That's a BIG fish.

No Kappas. Not one. It was just me there at the beach plus the cruise down and back!
Comments were positive. Attracted lots of attention almost everywhere I went! People at the hotel including the staff loved it.
Nice hotel & staff. Good food, good times, great weather, crappy traffic. Such is life.
Enjoyed it after 9 years. Missed it, nothing beats a good beach spot. I got mine.

What would I have done different? Not in August, during a major fishing tourney, during a
Sunday afternoon Bay Bridge crossing, on 3 of the hottest days of the year, other than that.. not much.
Didn't check off all the boxes I wanted to do on my bucket list this time around, but it will do for me on this trip after 9 years. Go in the off peak season,
during the weekdays, big price drop plus less crowds and traffic. I drove the entire coast line beautiful scenery.

Fenwick Island is the most "eastern point" in my home state.

This is part 2 of the 4 Runs in my home state series. West & East are completed. North & South are next up.

I did the most "western point" one with "DCL
Run to Lake" in 2015. See album text read of that trip.

For the "northern most point" I plan to do that run in October 2018," Run to Conowingo Dam"
Should be good video for that in the fall time.

The "southern most point" in my home state "Run to Point Lookout" will have to wait until spring of 2019.

Nothing else put's smile on your face like good run in the Kappa. I am smiling now as I type this out.

Run to the Shore: August 5th to 7th 2018 Fenwick Island is Completed. 9 out of 10 rated.
Would have been a 10 rating except for Bay Bridge back up wait of 1 1/2 hrs delay. 4 car accident was what the toll attentant
told me while I paid. It's always something when out and about among the masses with
the Kappa.

ALSO.. the couple in mini van from Ontario on Rt 15n, plus a camper through Catoctin Park on Rt 77w
with Florida plates doing 30 mph like "forever".

Hit the gas, feel the boost let the Kappa loose … and homeward bound we go!
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