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07-06-2017 05:39 PM
skersfan Two friends of mine, one a 47 year old that leads all the strava lists in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area and a World Class 70 plus rider, were training one afternoon about a month or two ago. Riding a very steep well known hill in the area. They looked back and saw this guy coming up the hill catching them on a fat bike. Being they were riding sub 20 pound hardtails, they could not believe it. He caught them and passed them, but was riding/pedaling an electric bike.

So she just may get into riding one to punish you. lol

Currently most of my rides are for miles and relatively flat ground. I am sure my other half would be able to keep up on the electric bike and most likely would have to wait for me. I can already see the smile on her face.
07-06-2017 04:53 PM
expostdelirium The Stache is the ONLY bike that makes me wish for something else. I found a company that will build me a Ti version based on "Boost" tech/measurements, but I have this car now, and see, I haven't been riding as much as I'd like to. I will have it made and will build it up someday soon when boost goods come down in price, after it is "The" (newest 'til next) Standard. About that time there will be a new one to chase.

If an e-bike would get my GF out with me more, I'd buy her one. I built her a nice bike and she barely rides it.
06-29-2017 08:06 PM
skersfan 50 miles is impressive for the battery, wondering if that is on flat ground.

Ahnuld, do you have the geared bike? Normally Shimano 7 speed stuff did not work well with grip shift, it is pretty antique stuff, unless they have designed it for these bikes.

I do think it would aid in the wife's knee surgery recovery.
06-29-2017 07:55 PM
skersfan Find out if the tires are tubeless compatible. Putting Slime and liners really is not the answer if tubeless is available. The rotating weight kills the motor, just like any bicycle. The lighter the tires/wheels the easier the bike rolls and less drag on you and or the motor.

Being low end bikes, they most likely don't have tubeless rims/tires, but some tires can be ran tubeless, depends on the lip of the sidewall.

Going to do a little research on the Sonders X today.

I just tested a Trek Stache Plus size 29er. Had thought it would work as a training bike and a bike for the other half. Just not there yet, but they have the 2018's coming in shortly, will give one of those a try, but XT/XTR level and carbon fiber.
06-29-2017 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by davhamm View Post
As an owner, what info can you share about the new bikes.

The folding one looks interesting found this page cached in google.


Wow sorry I missed this. I honestly don't think I've logged in since April.

I love my bike. My wife lives it. the Power Assist is a great blend of peddling and power.
That being said, I'd like a more powerful battery... in speed and stayingpower.
Which is what the FOld configuration offers. More motor and battery.

But.. there is a new Sondors X in pre-sale and I would definitely consider that as its supposed to have more of everything.

I've been considering upgrading my bike already (adding my own larger controller, battery, motor), but based on the pricing of the new Sondors X it makes me think I should just buy new again and sell my original bike (or give to my wife)

You'll need to consider adding tire liners and the tube filler to protect against flats. I had 2 flats in the first month and after adding Tuffy liners and Slime... been good for 6 months
05-02-2017 01:54 AM
skersfan I ride a lot, did a 40 mile mountain bike ride yesterday, feeling it today though. The Sonders mountain bike would be perfect for my other half. She needs knee replacement, but just will not get it done. This would allow her to do some riding and not hurt her while she did. Great transition after the promised surgery during the Holidays. We will see. Have a friend that has one of the first Ebikes. He loves it. Not an aluminum frame though, at least I don't think it is. I rode it around the parking lot a couple of times. Not for me at this point, but could see how it could be fun.
04-30-2017 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by Ahnuld View Post
After getting the eBike and joining a Sondors group of Facebook... I am inundated with ads for the Elon car. They say they are ramping up to launch next year. People are digging into them regarding delays and pricing... to their credit they are replying. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
As an owner, what info can you share about the new bikes.

The folding one looks interesting found this page cached in google.

12-24-2016 01:10 PM
expostdelirium I already have a fatbike. It's the only "branded" bike I've had since I started designing/building my own. It's a Trek Farley that I bought as a frame. The deal was so good on the frame that I couldn't pass it up. I have $798 and change for the whole build, and $350 was the frame. I have discs and a SRAM X7/X9 drivetrain, carbon seatpost and bars - FOR $798 ALL IN! For about a year I rode that bike exclusively: Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. Granted I loaned my Titanium to a friend, but riding the fattie wasn't as "slow" nor "tedious" as I thought it'd be. It was pretty capable.

Like I said though, for $500 the bike would be worth a look. There are companies that offer a "decent" Fatbike for around that, but one would have to compare the components and go from there. Having the option to allow your guests to e-fatbike might be good too though.
12-24-2016 01:02 PM
skersfan Oh I am very aware of the monsters, I blew a 427 Vette trying to drag race with Kawasaki 750 2 stroke back in the day.

My kid got into motorcycle racing at 5 years old. I was racing hare scrambles and motocross. He did it on a National and International level for 20 years. I was Kawasaki Motor Corporation's racing coordinator for Team Green for 4 years. I know Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey on street and almost every major legend from Motocross.

And I would agree it normally isn't the rider that causes the problem, but now the ability to correct the problems is such an ungodly amount of power and speed, it to causes problems.

Down here, you see the kids riding wheelies at 100mph, drop it down in freeway traffic and disappear at 200mph. Split traffic at alarming/terrifying for car driver, speeds.

As a young Marine SNCO I had a Honda CV500, veered to avoid a chain in the road. CHP stopped me, let me go. But gave me a word of advice. He said there are two types of motorcycle riders, those that have been down and those that are going down. I watched the traffic heading to El Toro and home that night. Sold the bike the next day. Too many idiots out there.

Was just joking with Elf, as I am sure he has heard that phrase a million times already.
12-24-2016 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by skersfan View Post
Elf!!! Those things will kill you!!!!

Way back when (c. 1970), I rode a couple of bikes - a Kawasaki twin and a Ducatti. My later-to-be-wife wanted me to stop riding so I made a deal I've never regretted. I agreed to give up the bikes and in return she wouldn't complain if I went auto racing.

And that was back in the days when the roads were a lot less crowded and the car bearing down on you wasn't going to be occupied with some texting twit who'd only notice they'd driven over you if a tire went flat.

If you are a sane rider, the bike won't kill you, but the surrounding traffic sure will! And if you aren't a sane rider, you will kill yourself - we lost a lot of guys in the 70s when they hopped off a Honda Dream onto a Kawasaki Mach 1. Lots of power combined with so so handling and brakes = more business for life insurance companies.
12-24-2016 10:42 AM
davhamm 44thsky I sat in protype 2 or 3 I think, they had it at the woodward dream cruise. Yeah that engine is the old old design. They were going to buy one from Ford but the deal fell through so they are now building there own. Well they hired an engineer firm to design and build them an engine. Makes it a bit less tempting for me. If they used a Ford engine, parts would always be available, with their own design, who knows
12-24-2016 10:38 AM
davhamm Expo not sure if you looked into the Sondors bike. It is a fat bike @ $500 so add that to the equation. My volt lease ends in 2 yrs thinking about adding another sky but this one would be a daily driver. Only concern would be if I get back into riding bikes, a bit hard to carry in the sky.

I use to do Tri's so there is a Triathlon site I use to hang out with. Lots of discussions there on high end bike stuff.

I don't have a mountain bike, just a good assortment of road / cross bikes. Lets see how I do on recalling all my bikes.
An old schwinn 10speed converted to a single speed (not fixie nor a flip flop hub)
A Kona Jake the Snake
A Javelin dont remember the model
And my favorite, a Titan Flex.

I think thats all looked into a fatbike, and maybe next year, thinking it might help winter riding up here slower speed no worry about snow etc..

It was one of the reason I looked into a Sondor figured hey I get an ebike and a fat bike. Who knows maybe I will still go that way.
12-24-2016 12:45 AM
expostdelirium I ride and build mountain bikes. I can't believe an e-bike at $500, and wouldn't have use for one, but if they get people outside, riding, enjoying and seeing new things I'm all for it.

Skerfan, I'm past my prime, and I still build and ride RIGID! The sponsored guys I ride with get to ride the nice stuff like you have. I get to build/ride the bikes that make them all ask what it is! I ride some singlespeed (NOT fixie) w/ a non-Gates (rubber co) belt drive that I sourced from Asia, but most of the time I ride 1 by 9 on my Ti. My fatbike is 1x10. I also have rigged 3-speed. All but the fatbike are 29ers (even if 26 fatties end up being 29ish). For $500, I'd almost be tempted just for the frame and the components if they were decent. It would make for a good spare bike for guests when we ride snow. Besides, "Bike people" know that the number of bikes you have is n+1 (where n=need). I've heard of the Sea Otter Classic, and understand it's a festival, but I don't know much about it. We have the Dirty Kanza 200. I have friends that have finished it, and I have ridden the 50 mi course, but I'd never try the whole thing, as I don't EVER want to be on a seat that long even if I love to ride. If you're a marathoner/gravel grinder that likes to ride in HOT heat, come on out. At least look it up, like I'm going to the SOC.

Davhamm makes a good point that this bike isn't a $2500 bike for $500, but that it's a $500 bike...also as Ahnuld says it has opened the world to new folks that might not have done it if not for the price. As for dipping a toe in, I'd say that it would work better for an e-bike, than for a "real" bike, because I'd think that the difference between a "base" ebike and a heavily upgraded one wouldn't be that noticeable. Maybe? I hope what the company is planning for a car works for them, and I hope it helps move the industry forward.

I have to say that it's pretty cool that I'm on a forum for a car that I've lusted after discussing BIKES! I honestly thought that buying a Sky might help wean me from my bike addiction. Thanks everyone for reminding me that I can't escape - even on here.
12-21-2016 06:40 PM
44thSKY Yes, back in January 13, 2015 I saw this prototype, (without engine installed I believe), at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Phoenix. The corporate headquarters is also located in Phoenix.

Actually, my friend and I both sat in the car. There was a model engine on a stand which was to depict the car's engine, but that might be quite a stretch to reality. The claimed price still seems to be some $6800, and I believe they are taking orders for the early production. I have their brochure on my bookcase. I seem to recall a rumor about the car's insurance and licensing may be considered in the motorcycle class. I have talked to a Slingshot owner that claimed he had to qualify in Arizona for a motorcycle license on his Slingshot (car-like motorcycle).

I'm not sure the car has such a good market now in view of its long delay in (promise of) becoming a reality. And becoming a reality is certainly a valid question, LOL. I'd doubt you will ever see it on the road. Here are the photos we took in Jan 2015.

12-21-2016 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by davhamm View Post
Elon Musk car is the Testla I think you mean Elio Motors. Yeah been ramping up to Launch for several years. Mar 2016 they said they were building 100 fleet vehicles in 2016 then start production in 2017. Well those 100 have not even been built yet. I really am surprised they have been able to keep it alive this long, the money has nearly run out a couple times. Not sure how they resolved the Lease on the Manufacturing site, it was conditional on production starting in 2015.
yes Elio... brain wiring criss-crossed!
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