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Thread: More GM Airbag Woes. Reply to Thread
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01-23-2019 03:24 PM
skersfan Okay, that makes sense. I am amazed that they sell the car for racing and include a warranty. To be honest. I know when I had my new 70's vehicles and was heavy into drag racing, Ford and Chevy were adamant that the car was not to be used for drag racing, and warranty was not available. But both actually fixed things, and knew they were. A slightly different time frame of when things happened seemed to bail me out.

I was leading a similar trail last summer in Ouray, not as rough, but much more dangerous, with 300 to 500 foot cliffs on the sides. Only wide enough for the truck to get thru with the outtside tire over the edge in several areas. I wanted to take Rob the Elder with me, but he never showed up!!!!! 44th Sky has been out with me for a few runs. He says he is not going back.

I bought the GMC pick up to service remote micro wave towers. It was a total waste of effort. I like the truck a lot. Fantastic performance when towing. But it just does not work off road. Maybe they have put some Nannies in the 2019 that will help it. Toyota has their ATRAC system, locking rear diff and crawl control, controlled descent. The GMC has the braking control. I never use it.

Glad to hear that GM is covering the guys truck, and I think I heard that there are others.

I have to go to Poison Spyder next week to set up a new jeep. Do to my retirement, the company is buying a new Jeep for the team. I feel confident it will work as required. I told them not to buy the GMC or the Toyota. Toyota went to a smaller engine and has some type of emissions control on it that it does not work off road very well. You can buy a modue to fix it, plug and play but have heard varying reports on it. I have only had two Toyotas in my life and they have been 4x4's. Best performing, best reliability I have ever encountered.
01-23-2019 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by skersfan View Post
Do you have the report on the truck John? No way the air bag should have deployed on what happened there. I don't know about the Camaro. ..........
I was commenting on the Camaro incident. The last report I read said that they had agreed to repair the truck, so my guess on that one is that they found something anomalous in the data recorder.
01-23-2019 03:12 AM
skersfan Do you have the report on the truck John? No way the air bag should have deployed on what happened there. I don't know about the Camaro. But I have seen many jeeps and FJ's do things far more dangerous, sliding sideway, tipping on two wheels front and back, have actually almost went over backwards on Escalator at Moab. I have never heard of an air bag deployment with out serious body damage.

I don't know what the computer says, but I can promise you that my truck has done things and went over obstacles so much harder than what happened there.

I did a recovery at Ouary this summer of an FJ the flopped on its side, and yes the roll over was extremely slow, and the air bags went off before the side hit the ground. It is on video somewhere.

I have had mine at full tilt several times, but the Pick up was no where near rolling and supposedly had not body damage to indicate it hit something.

This a pretty tough trail, I have ran it several times, with a nearly stock FJ, Body mount chop and 35 inch tires. Skids of course.

I can promise you the Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon are not capable of this under any circumstance. And I have never heard of an air bag being deployed anywhere. And I follow it pretty closely, not the air bag situation but the sport/hobby/activity.
01-22-2019 11:44 PM
JohnWR I find this discussion very ...... ironic?

For years there have been complaints, comments, etc about the seeming lack of airbag deployments in Kappa collisions, and how they should be more sensitive because surely people are dying needlessly. Now we are upset that they are too sensitive. I am pleased beyond measure that we have so many collision and safety equipment experts within our ranks.

According to NHTSA, airbags should deploy when the vehicle has a collision that is equivalent to an 8-14 MPH impact with a solid wall. The Camaro was reported going 19 MPH when it hit the pothole, and from the video it stopped very abruptly. Look at the G-meter in the video and watch it spike off the scale as the car stops moving. That was a much bigger hit than it appeared.

I can tell you what happened in that investigation: The airbag SDM was examined and its data recorder was read. The data said that the vehicle came to an abrupt stop while moving sideways at 19 MPH, so the airbag deployed. Since that is exactly what is supposed to happen there is no warranty claim.
01-22-2019 10:24 PM
skersfan I have the equivilant GMC All Terrain.

I can tell you first hand that the truck is not off road capable even on a begginer trail.

I lead trails at National events, certified trail team leader for Toyota Trail Teams years ago.

This truck is not any where near the vehicle of the Toyota. But the engine is vastly superior, towing capabilities are much greater it seems. I drive as rough a road going home as shown in that video. My curtains have never blown, but I have gotten the truck stuck on near level ground. It is not a off road vehicle. It may be a farm truck, but off road worthy it is not even close.

But the airbags should not have deployed. I am concerned about it because mine is starting to do strange electrical things. Failure to remote start. Radio changing stations as you are driving down the roads. Heater does not work consistently. Mine has 31K on the odometer. End of lease it goes back for sure. No more GM pick ups for me. Glad I still have my 190K FJ Cruiser that will go damned near anywhere. and just keeps on ticken.
01-22-2019 09:27 PM

I think the top comment thread says everything that needs to be said
01-22-2019 09:15 PM
Elff Unfortunately, at the moment, the local Camaro owner is looking for a lawyer to help him out.

He is going to dump the car because he wants to have a car he can autocross and not have to worry about costing him a random $6500 as there is no fix to prevent a false second deploy of the airbags.

And by no fix, I mean, there is a fix, but GM is refusing to put it in his car and reimburse him.

Pretty sad that a $70,000 Camaro designed for the track can't even be used in AutoCross.

All the hype on this web page amounts to a pile of B.S.
He even has the 1LE Extreme Track Package
and the above video was taken via the

GM has all the logged data, from their own data logger and still tells the owner to pound sand when airbags deploy at 19mph, Even though they have acknowledged the issue in a different vehicle that uses the same parts.

I just don't understand how people can be loyal to this company.
01-22-2019 02:34 PM
Robotech Something to keep an eye on and see how it gets handled.
01-21-2019 12:43 PM
Elff No

It means GM is pulling the same crap with Camaro owners that they did with Kappa owners

There is an obvious issue and they are fixing it on one of their vehicles, but forcing owners of a different vehicle to pay for repairs

Thatís exactly what kappa owners ran into with the passenger airbag sensor.
Until Robotech filed with the NHSTA Gm was telling all kappa owners to F-Off.

Similar Sh1t Same GM

Company sucks
01-21-2019 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Elff View Post
Looks like they are repairing it on the trucks
Does this mean that they are less evil than they were yesterday?
01-21-2019 11:47 AM
Elff Looks like they are repairing it on the trucks
01-21-2019 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by Amorget View Post
This isn't anything new... the CTS-V Wagons had the same issue. It's why you pull the air bag fuse if you are going to autocross.
Its not possible on the current Camaro.

If you watch the video the airbag should not have deployed.

And the offroad issue was on a slightly bumpy dirt road which is something a normal farmer or rancher would travel.
01-21-2019 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Amorget View Post
This isn't anything new... the CTS-V Wagons had the same issue. It's why you pull the air bag fuse if you are going to autocross.
Or go offroad, apparently. That seems awfully logical, obvious even, but it is so much easier to blame someone else.
01-21-2019 02:25 AM
Amorget This isn't anything new... the CTS-V Wagons had the same issue. It's why you pull the air bag fuse if you are going to autocross.
01-20-2019 11:05 PM
Elff Here is the video of the autocross spin out that caused the air bags to deploy.
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