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02-18-2017 09:37 AM
stungjoe A word of advice

02-18-2017 09:16 AM
LAC Sky Well done. The car looks real good. It already has a " model " for the future calander issue soon to be released? Well Dad... has she been for a ride in it yet? Has she asked you " Dad can you pick me up from school tomorrow, so all my friends old and " new" can see ME in it? My cool factor just went up bout 50% after yesterday Dad. That was great,... can we do it again soon? I'm good for this Wed @3:30, how does that work for you??? Then the quote from the mouths of babes, so to speak is: I like this modeling thing, can I go to modeling school daddy? Oh my... there goes the budget you had planned for future mods for the car.

The adult admiration for the Kappa is one thing. When it comes from your child, it takes on a whole different meaning. I know my grandson, lights up like a Christmas tree when he goes for a ride in GDad's vert. Makes my day, and me proud when we spend some quality time, smiling from ear to ear together. You only get a few of these special moments with your kids, and soon the excitement of Dad's car will fade. Until that nice ass day shows up, and Dad has just finished waxing the little gem up, the top gets folded into the trunk, the motor fires up, and then Dad hears this: Where you going Dad... ahhh.. just down to put some fresh gas in the car, maybe stop by the ATM... Can I go too?

Enjoy the ride and the many smiles it will bring to you and your little ones in the future! Oh Dad... yes.... can I borrow the keys to the SKY? Ah let me check with my insurance agent first.. then we can talk about it. But Dad I need to.. there is this cute boy from school, 3 blocks down, that I just have to meet! Oh really young lady.. dad's vert.. you... new boy in town.. yeah that's a whole different parenting problem to over come.

02-17-2017 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by Hunger88 View Post
It happened, but I do feel like I am in a dream still.
Here's some pics. My daughter agreed to do the modeling
LOL...great pictures!
02-17-2017 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
Congrats Hunger...Pics or it didn't happen. LOL
It happened, but I do feel like I am in a dream still.
Here's some pics. My daughter agreed to do the modeling
02-17-2017 09:52 AM
LAC Sky So you have joined the club of my face hurts so much now. Congrats. Now what? After you calm down some with your recent purchase, reality takes over.
I would check it over real good, now that IT is in your possession. Good couple of hours, cleaning, tightening up anything that looks loose or suspect to you. Anything major that changes over the next month, record all info about what the problem(s) is. Lot of answers to your questions about the car, here in the search feature. What is your first priority mechanical important or issues, safety wise first and fore most. Then maybe cosmetic in nature issues that might need immediate care. Then what can be improved (mods) by you the owner as projects to complete.

Last and maybe the most important is long/short term goals for you and the car? DD for work commute? Weekend fun & run car? Car shows, club events a cross country mid-life crisis road trip... the paved road stops here.. at the southern most point in the U.S.A., that sort of thing? You will have many questions, concerns and now what, going through your mind, in the first early days of ownership. Good let the force of the permagrin flow thru you... it surrounds us, binds us with a grin on our face, not many other owners know about. That is what does it for me when I fire up the motor, off on a cruise. I already have this a smile, "before" I leave my lane, it is gonna be a premagrin kinda day.

Welcome your gonna enjoy the ride, trust me on this one. One last thing I almost forgot, damn I'm getting old... Wait until you get the attention factor action, be prepared you have been warned. What kinda car is that? Who makes that? Nah that's not a Saturn... no way! The far to long conversation at the gas pump, trying to explain to the un-informed masses, what you really have there. Bumper huggers, two handed over the steering wheel look down clowns, the "picture takers " another Kappa driver passing the other way... experience and enjoy them all. Life is short, but now you are going to enjoy a permagrin before you go. Nothing else like it.

02-17-2017 09:50 AM
Robotech Congrats Hunger...Pics or it didn't happen. LOL
02-16-2017 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by Hunger88 View Post
i DID IT!!!!!
i just drove home in my 2008 carbon flash! I can't stop looking at it.

After I calm down, I will probably post a bunch of questions that are circling in my head.
Congratulations, permagrin time!

02-16-2017 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Hunger88 View Post
i DID IT!!!!!
i just drove home in my 2008 carbon flash! I can't stop looking at it.

After I calm down, I will probably post a bunch of questions that are circling in my head.
Congrats! Welcome to the club!!
02-16-2017 09:26 PM
Hunger88 i DID IT!!!!!
i just drove home in my 2008 carbon flash! I can't stop looking at it.

After I calm down, I will probably post a bunch of questions that are circling in my head.
02-15-2017 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by davhamm View Post
CHECK those fenders for Cracks. To me this is a bigger issue than the water pump. The only real way to see the cracks is get down on the ground, the cracking happens so far under it's impossible to see while standing (if you see while standing its a big crack) I did not know how far under to look when I got my car, lucky things worked out for me. But a cracked fender is a $1000 repair. I think Water pump is in the $600 range (someone else can tell you better on that one).

550 and that call that rare.. Ha.

Personally I hate the wheels but thats a personal taste issue. Now I have to question why the replaced the wheels a week before putting it up for sale? CHECK THE FENDERS FOR CRACKS.

Price 2008 redline 45k miles $12-$15k.

The other thing I would check on the 2008, is does it have the Electric vacuum pump (EVP) for the brake. Follow the line coming off the brake booser, if it T's within say a foot of the brake booster you have a latter one with with EVP if not its an earlier 2008 with no EVP. Is this an issue, I don't know as I never drove one without, but it would be a concern for me. Now if price is right and I love the car this would not be a deal breaker, just something to be aware of.

Oh and one last thing to check, CHECK THE FENDERS FOR CRACKS. oh, ask if they did an aftermarket tune to the engine or the GM powertrain tune (pic of the engine bay would tell us if they did the GM tune. Post some pics of the engine compartment.
I got my Redline in Fall 2015. I have not had to deal with the water pump yet, but... Mine has fender cracks from improper lifting but I only found the evidence when I took mine apart and now I have lift "biscuits" to help address that issue. Sky Redlines are the way to go in my book, equiv to Sol GXP but more styling. Carbon Flash is great; beyond that, Sky has only a couple lim ed compared to the Sols. My wife would really love a Ruby lim ed... Avg Redline price can be 15 -20K depending on mileage and location. Base models are cheaper, and there can be a few very low mileage outliers to ignore. Redline equivalent is Sol GXP. There were more of those made, so sometimes style options, but they're not Skys in the style dept. Even there, with both, look at the function of either; style can be modified, but swapping Sky for Sol panels is more than I'd do...
02-14-2017 07:36 PM
Robotech LOL...when I worked in car sales they called the test drive anesthetizing the customer. If a customer was on the fence about purchasing a car, they'd make us take them for another test drive to "give them another dose."

True story.
02-12-2017 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by LAC Sky View Post
The excitement after the test drive, clouds one's mind, and sound reasoning with, " I have to have it now" theory.
It was really hard to say 'I'll have to think about it for a few days'
02-12-2017 10:07 AM
ChopTop Regard cracked plastic wheel wells, if you go on ebay they sell replacements, however from what I've read if they aren't OEM then it's the old you get what you pay for thinking.

Not a fan of those wheels either, you can pick up some painted OEM style for reasonable prices, or polished OEM alloys that should deal w/inclement weather better than chrome wheels.

Google/Images Skyroadster forum custom wheels:
02-12-2017 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
Naw...there are those out there that know a lot more about this car than I. GMTECH, Tomato Soup, Rob the Elder...many more I can't think of because I just woke up...
Yeah I would have mentioned them too, as part of the group of people who know. You and strungjoe comment a lot here, more than those owners, but each has their own perspective view on the Kappa. They offer a unique experience with long term knowledge of what to look for IF "this or that" goes wrong with your Kappa. I always find an answer to my concern about my car, with comments/solutions from the Master Jedi's. It's that Darth Vader guy you have to watch out for!!!

Ha.. would you have rather me, put you two in the " non-finest members" category? lol

So the OP looks like he has found a good one. Water pump replacement is done. Test drive is done, see permagrin attached to OP's face. He's hooked.

Davhamm brought up the cracked fenders, and they " are " expensive to fix. Just breath on them, and it is $1,000 bills for OEM replacement, less if you do it yourself? The liners are cheaper and easier to fix. This model " can be " expensive to fix/repair/maintain. You could go on and on... See Rob the Elder list of what to look for or watch out for. The 10 commandments of the Kappa. The brake booster issue, ah limp load light, the rear end problems, the Top mech/fabric something to think about before the purchase. The excitement after the test drive, clouds one's mind, and sound reasoning with, " I have to have it now" theory. Who am I.. to argue that fact!

Good luck with the purchase. Better start now... practicing in the mirror, of how to wipe that silly grin off your face, before seeing co-workers at the office. Why is this guy smiling so much? Something must be wrong with him? He doesn't look right, should we tell the boss? Nobody smiles that much, oh really? You must not know about the Kappa my friend. Here.. I know a "few" guys, that will set you right about the Kappa.

02-12-2017 01:31 AM
Hunger88 Thanks davhamm. I checked the fenders this morning, but I don't think I checked as far in as you are suggesting. I will look next time I see it.
They changed the wheels because chrome doesn't do very good in the Seattle weather. It was starting to crack and it was affecting the tire pressure.
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