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09-08-2015 02:00 PM
Specter And that is a very good explanation in detail. It's a puzzle piece. Sure, MOST of us are not worth that effort and time if they wish to break in and take stuff. However, quantity has a quality all it's own... So if they just want to steal identities for other things, like credit card fraud, then again each puzzle piece gets them closer. Yes, everyone and their brother can see my tag when I'm on the road. But that limits the pool and your exposure to potential threats (as in danger to yourself in a general way encompassing all aspects: financial, physical, mental, etc) much more than posting your tag on the internet where anyone who might wish to abuse your trust can see it.

That's really what it boils down to these days. How much do you trust your fellow human. And honestly, I don't trust anyone much at all. Lessons learned in the past and observations of how the next generation is being raised and their actions have brought me to a point where I just don't give out information unless absolutely necessary.
09-08-2015 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by Elff View Post
The problem is, you cant hide your license plate while driving.
So I believe doing it online is pointless
But then again
I am not on Social media, and that is where the largest amount of data is gathered for identity theft.
Very true Elff...but in the world of OPSEC the license plate number is just one piece of the puzzle.

Take Monopoly, the game. As we all may be fully aware of, in the game you must own all the properties of one color before you can build houses and hotels on them (and really break your competitors). So to build on the green properties, you need all three.

But if one other player owns one of the green properties and you own the other two, you're hosed unless you can get them to give up that other piece.

Now, if someone is stalking you and after you, they can read your plate on the street...sure. There is one green property piece. Now, they can follow you to work or to home and have another property piece.

But lets say they want to rob your house and want to do it when you're not home. So they go online with the information they have and start doing research. Since you drive a Sky, a very uncommon car, they figure you might be a car enthusiast so they start scouring the web for sites about the Sky and come across here. Let's assume your Sky is still stock and thus, other than color, your Sky looks like the hundreds or thousands that are already out there. You haven't put where you're from in your profile so they just can't assume anyone from your area on here is actually you.

They come across a post on Skyroadster, however, and see your license plate on your car in a post you made about it. Now they've identified your profile on here. So they do a search for all posts by you and find you're going on a ride next Saturday and plan on being gone all day. You're meeting the group at 8 am and having lunch at 2 pm. The starting and ending locations can be Googled (after all, they already know where you live) and they determine that it will take you 30 minutes to reach the start location and another 45 to come home after lunch.

So from 7:30 am until about 3:45 pm the have a window where they can plan on you being gone. Now they recon your house, figure out a way to hit it during that window of opportunity and have a cover story for your neighbors as why they are there "Oh, Bob had a water heater leak this week and called us in to replace the water heater and repair the water damage we find. We go back a long way. I work with him at XXXXX and he knows I do this kind of work on the side. He's off to one of his Sky drives today so he wanted us to have it done for him so he can take a shower when he gets back."

And this completely ignores the fact that once they have a picture they know you've posted personally, they can go on Google, search where else that picture has been posted, and find any other forum you've posted in. Then there is Facebook too...armed with that information they can look through groups and events for pictures you may post there, and with that may now have a name to go with your face...and kids names, wife's name, where you go to church, etc. Perhaps you just posted about that beautiful painting you just inherited from your uncle and have hanging over your fireplace. The more information they have, the better prepared they can be and the more vulnerable you are.

Replace the motivation, time, resources with whatever you want but the situation is the've given them a few more pieces of the puzzle that they may not have otherwise had. Like I said, it's up to you how much you put out there and how much risk you feel you're taking but the question was posed as to why do it, and there is a very valid reason why.

For me, and people like Skersfan, Marvic, and MM, there is no point in covering up the plate. The cars themselves are modified in a way that makes them unique and someone who was after us could easily figure out it was us by just seeing a picture of the car. But other than my car, I don't own anything worth going through that much effort. However, there are other aspects of my life I do not share on here purely out of OPSEC protocols and for good reason. Just doesn't happen to be my license plate.
09-08-2015 10:08 AM
Elff The problem is, you cant hide your license plate while driving.
So I believe doing it online is pointless
But then again
I am not on Social media, and that is where the largest amount of data is gathered for identity theft.
09-08-2015 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by MARVIC 1 View Post
Wait, Wait. what's the question!!
Q:Why block one's license plate?

Robo pretty much hit the nail on the head with the most succinct answer ever. Although the term itself derives from the military sphere, the information technology world we live in today extends the concept to the personal sphere.

Some people understand the OPSEC concept, some people do not. Some understand and wish to apply it to license plates. Some understand and don't apply it to license plates. Some...just don't understand...or don't care to understand. To all their own.
09-07-2015 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by Bogie View Post
Wait, Wait. what's the question!!
09-07-2015 03:32 PM

Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
09-05-2015 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by wspohn View Post
Of all the topics that I'd never have thought warranted a thread, this would have been right up there. Do it, don't do it, but why talk about it?

09-03-2015 11:49 PM
Specter Some of us treasure our anonymity. That said...

If you purchase a vehicle like a Sky. And then you customize said vehicle with paints, vinyls, decals, rims, body kits, etc... Well, you have just taken your anonymity and tossed it out the window. Having the Sky itself is bad enough. Not very many out there. But when you make it THAT identifiable... Oh well.

So, to sum up: If you wish to be anonymous, purchase a Camry. Or (southern accent for Bogie) 'roun heah 'n dese pahts choo betta gitchersel' a REEEL truck. 'm talkin' a Frd or a Chevy, by God. *tabbacy dribble in the solo cup clutched in one callused hand.
09-02-2015 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by marlboromike View Post
Nice southern accent you've acquired there.

Or is it the heat?
09-02-2015 04:33 PM
marlboromike Those with accounts of Facebook who post there whereabouts everyone minute...well, they get what they deserve...and then some.

I do not know the stats but I assume car thefts are done now due to new technology. Even our cars. They have LoJack aka On Star.
09-02-2015 12:47 PM
Robotech I don't know why any individual does it but I can give you a pretty good reason why some may want to block it...


Let's just say I'm not friendly with the US and I've scoped someone out who I may want to turn and try to get information from that may compromise national security. Now, depending on how saavy the mark is, it may not be the simplest thing to get leverage on them.

Now I'm won't get their license plate from an online forum...hell, I already have that from when I "casually" bumped into them at lunch, struck up a conversation, and saw what car they got into. Nice little sports car they have there. Wonder if they're online.

With that information I can search Facebook and online forums like this for pictures of their car...verified easily if they have a picture of their plate showing...and figure out more about their online persona. Maybe they posted something somewhere that I can use as leverage that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Obviously there is other information out there that could possibly identify them but having that license plate may just make the job that much easier.

Sound paranoid? Yea, a little...but such is the world today. Of course, with DC falling for regular old spear phishing scams and turning over tens of thousands of files on background checks with every single detail of that person's life now in the hands of who knows who a simple license plate picture seems pretty mundane.
09-02-2015 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by Bogie View Post
This thread is to debate the blocking out of license plate numbers
You be the masterdebater alright.

Of all the topics that I'd never have thought warranted a thread, this would have been right up there. Do it, don't do it, but why talk about it?
09-02-2015 09:30 AM
KappaTarbo It doesn't really bother me that much when I see people black out their licence plate, if they want to waste their time, that's their business. What does bother me is when I see people to lazy to use a image editing software to do it. Instead they hold their crusty looking finger up in the picture to obscure the plate. I only ever see it on craigslist and to me that means if you insist on blocking the plate and weren't smart enough to cover it with a rag or edit it out on the computer, you were defiantly to stupid to maintain a car properly and guarantee's me being not interested in purchasing.
09-02-2015 12:27 AM
marlboromike And mine was directed to STOLEN KAPPAS from posting...
09-01-2015 11:21 PM
MARVIC 1 My thread was close and directed here to this thread!
That thread was not intended for the discussion on "Blacking Out License Plates" like this one is!
It was about a discussion on why this one particular members here is constantly bitching for years about others blacking out the license plates when posting pictures...
That person in question happens to be an ex-Law Enforcement Office.
So I was trying to scope out if this always freaking out grumpy ex-officer had any means of investigating and getting info from our license plate numbers..

PS - Please don't close my Celebrity Contest thread!
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