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Ron Dittmer (forum member rjgramps)
Midnight Blue Metallic with Black Interior and Top
Fully Optioned Roadster 2.4L With Manual Transmission
My wife and I bought our Sky with 120,000 miles in January 2020. I went through it top to bottom, cleaning and replacing items that either did not function properly or otherwise detracted from the car in some manner. I also cleaned numerous hidden places like behind fender and fender liners, windshield wiper cowl, and rear bumper cover. The car also required some repairs and general maintenance. I invested roughly $5,500 in new and second-hand parts, and $500 in paid labor totaling $6000 in restoration expenses. I personally have countless hours of my own time invested. Our Sky remains stock except for replacing the rear XM/OnStar antenna with a shark style, and the instrument panel face & interior lighting, both done to address interior illumination deficiencies for us in our later years. In hidden areas as well as the body itself, has no rust what so ever. After the mild restoration, the car could pass as having 25,000 miles attributed to some superficial flaws that were not worth addressing. All door dings and other such body imperfections were removed through a paintless dent removal process. No actual painting was required. The paint is original. The convertible top, the leather seat skins were replaced. I dyed the leather steering wheel black in part to address some superficial wear and sun damage, but also to match it to the gloss black interior appointments. I just had to deviate a tad-bit to put my mark on the car.
CLICK HERE to review many pictures of our Sky today. As shown, over the winter, I am storing our Sky under our deck. I attached a tarp to the underside of the deck with furring strips to keep the car dry. I will see how this idea works out over the Chicago area winter.


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