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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    As you know original floor mats (image) are rare and expensive. I've got a Red Line with crappy generic mats. What are my options in 2022? I would like to get two sets of mats, fabric for summer and rubber for winter, with the floor lug so they don't slide around.
  2. Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Need '08 Skye Redline Right Headlamp Assembly.part #25836067. Any help much appreciated.
    $800 USD
  3. Saturn Sky Redline Discussion
    Hello, I am thinking about wrapping my Saturn Sky Redline which is currently Gunmetal Grey with a Red interior to Rose Gold, then getting the hood vents, the front and rear badges, and the Side car vents blacked out. Even considering adding a small black spoiler to complete the look. I need...
  4. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    I just upgraded my 07 sky base to a 08 Sky Redline with 6k original miles. Looking to boost the performance but I am new to all this and not looking to completely go nuts or blow out my engine. I ordered the Turbo upgrade from GM and will have that installed next week. Was thinking of adding a...
1-9 of 9 Results