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  1. Technical Saturn Sky Discussion
    So I have been experiencing trouble with my HVAC blower going in and out. Basically the blower power is shorting out and is either on or off which these days is almost always off. I already checked the resistor for the fan speed as I know those boards go out often from melting and that board is...
  2. General Saturn Sky Discussions
    So to make things simple. I have a practically bone stock 2007 Saturn Sky 2.4L with deleted resonators and mufflers. Other than that it just has minimal rigged up qualities to keep it going. With that being said here's where my issue... I'm losing power and the only thing I didn't see anyone...
  3. General Saturn Sky Discussions
    So recently my Saturn sky 2.4 started having a missfire, I checked the codes and it was a missfire on cylinder number 3 and the camshaft actuators. I figured out it was the connector/wire going into the connector and replaced that, the 2 camshaft actuators, and the AC connector and resistor I...
1-3 of 3 Results