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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Hi to everyone, My question is: is it possible to simply remove the original bulbs/leds and solder white LEDs in their place? Without modules or new graphics. Has anyone done this? I want to change all the speedometer LEDs and all the buttons, air conditioning etc. I've taken everything apart...
  2. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Finally finished putting this guide together for installing some gauges into my Sky Redline. Maybe of interest to others looking to add one or more gauges to the kappas. Note: I did not use OBD2 Gauges. Went for gauges and sensors. Enjoy!! 😃 Strobe
  3. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    I believe the best place to monitor oil temp would be the Turbo Drain Port. Has anyone attempted that?
  4. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    See post on Solstice forum for photos: 2021 AutoCross/Track car build thread Technically not a "fix" as in, making the existing lighting/BCM work properly, but a mod. Dash guages light fix! I know there was a lot of talk about how to fix the brain-dead way the guages light up, or don't as it...
1-4 of 4 Results