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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Here's a recap of what I did to my Sky. Hopefully it gives others a bit of an easier time doing this. Most, if not all photos show which side is the negative side on the circuit board to attach the negative side of the LED. This should save some time for others. Take note on position of stock...
  2. Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hi, I have a 2008 Saturn Sky Redline that I'm listing as-is with a clean title or parting out individually for $2,000 OBO. If you are interested in a part, let me know what it is, and we can work out a reasonable price. I'll update the list if the car is sold or certain parts become unavailable...
    $2,000 USD
  3. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    I know there's not a whole lot of options when it comes to aftermarket tail lights but has anyone modified theirs? Even if it's just tint or something I wanna see it! I've been thinking of blacking our either the red or the chrome, not sure yet. But I'd love to see what yall have done if...
1-3 of 3 Results