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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Code P0017 and P0016 popped up, and only seeing a couple kits out there for the timing, im not a mechanic i dont know where to start on diagnosing and things of that nature, plan on replacing the camshaft position sensors but if that doesnt fix the codes plan on shooting for the timing unless...
  2. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Our 2008 Sky Redline has its first mechanical issue -- likely a water pump. My regular shop won't do the work and I am having trouble finding someone in LA area who will do it. Would prefer to avoid dealers. Older threads on this topic are out of date. Can anyone help?
  3. Pacific
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone in the orange county, CA area would know of a mechanic that works on Kappas? I'm gonna have to do my clutch soon as the hydraulic throwout bearing is making noise and I know that the clutch job in these cars are a PITA. Plus I don't have a lift so it'll be...
1-3 of 3 Results