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  1. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    I just bought my Saturn Sky about 8 or so months ago and I haven’t done anything to it. I’ve done a lot of research for modifications for performance and the most I can find is cold air Intake, Exhaust, and suspension. I wanted to know what y’all’s worth it mods are that won’t break the bank. Or...
  2. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    So, I bought my car from a third party. He didn't seem all that hip to the history. It's a 2008 Redline. I tried the cruise control both ways, nothing. Today, I drove in competition mode and it seemed to hit 20-21 lbs of boost a few times. My question is, is that proof it has a tune? Does the...
  3. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    I just upgraded my 07 sky base to a 08 Sky Redline with 6k original miles. Looking to boost the performance but I am new to all this and not looking to completely go nuts or blow out my engine. I ordered the Turbo upgrade from GM and will have that installed next week. Was thinking of adding a...
  4. New Member Section
    Hi everyone. I bought a 07’ Sky Redline last summer. It has very low km’s on it, as the previous and original owner bought it, and stored it until he needed the space and sold it to me. The car is completely stock, he didn’t do any modifications to it. I have purchased the Trifecta Advantage+...
1-4 of 4 Results