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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Well, I did it, and I am beyond happy with the results (new receiver/back up cam AND upgraded shifter console). like most folks with a second vehicle that benefits from post-2010 technology, I have wanted a better audio receiver that would provide Android Auto (for my phone) and a back up cam...
  2. Technical Saturn Sky Discussion
    Hi everyone, My Sky isn't here yet or I'd look myself. What amp fuse protects the radio on a Sky? I want to add an amplifier and need to know if I need to tap to the battery or if the fuse is sufficient for the radio and amp. Thanks!
  3. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    The original Monsoon Head Unit was...OK...maybe...NOT! Replaced mine and kept the Monsoon Amp. This install covers the Saturn Sky Redline. GO WITH "CRUTCHFIELD"!! or you may need Post Traumatic Installation Counselling. I went with ALL the additional recommended items. The only exception was...
  4. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    9” Floating Display Pioneer WT7600NEX Installed With Backup Camera. Anyway I just wanted to share photos for anyone else wondering what it looks like etc. My hand doesn’t hit the radio either (shown in gear) So pumped about that. Big screen floating displays, love it or hate it LOL.
  5. Technical Saturn Sky Discussion
    Hello everyone! I’m thinking about getting an aftermarket audio system for my 2008 red line. What are your thoughts about doing this? I’ll keep the original radio. I would sure like to have the color screen for my radio etc. Thoughts?
1-5 of 6 Results