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  1. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    Since most of the posts I've seen on stereo swaps have been a while back - who's replaced theirs recently with modern-day tech? I have no issues doing it and just replaced the one in my work truck - I just want to get a feel for what you all have done and see if there aren't some cool tricks you...
  2. Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I am going to be starting a v8 swap very soon and figure it would just be easier to start with a roller. This is going to be my daily driver so need something that looks nice and in good condition, not needing a paint job or anything like that. Decent Miles, probably not looking for a 150k mile...
  3. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    Hi everyone. I am new to the Kappa platform and so eager to start driving one of these soon. Point of reference: I came from a 2001 Mustang GT that just sounded absolutely beautiful and the thought of not having a v8 under the hood is kind of terrifying (for me, atleast). Anyways, I have a...
1-3 of 3 Results