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  1. For Sale 2007 Sky Redline

    Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    2007 Sky Redline with manual trans. 17,xxx miles. Sits on new rubber, and shows like brand new. Car has not been driven in rain, salt or snow. Attached are pics of the undercarriage as evidence and to show the true condition of the car. No paint blemishes or damage. Always garaged and covered...
    $23,900 USD
  2. Want to Buy Sky Wanted

    Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Colors preferred. Grays, reds. Don't want white, black. Greens and ?? Will consider auto and manual transmission. Must be turbo (would consider a non turbo at the right price) Call 517-331-0164 or email [email protected] Thanks
    $1,234 USD
  3. General Saturn Sky Discussion
    I believe the best place to monitor oil temp would be the Turbo Drain Port. Has anyone attempted that?
  4. Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to buy a Solstice GXP or Sky Redline. $9000 budget. Manual. 120k miles max. Will travel 2 hours one way, located at 17202 USA.
  5. Saturn Sky Performance Discussion
    Hello, what suggestions would you guys have to make my redline sound just mean? Any recommendations on how to make my turbo flutter? or the muffler mod you would recommend to do to where it sounds like its gotta V8 in there? Any and all recommendations are welcome.
  6. Technical Saturn Sky Discussion
    I've narrowed down my problems to what I think is a very small exhaust leak before the O2 sensors causing my car to think it's running lean. For background, I have a 30k mile 07 Saturn Sky 2.4 with an RPM turbo kit on it, and have been going back and forth with RPM to dial in my tune. I had a...
  7. Saturn Sky Redline Discussion
    I have been looking for a BOV but I can't find one anywhere. The stock one is ok but it's kinda slow and doesn't feel sporty. Does anyone know who makes a good Blow off Valve?
  8. Saturn SKY Vehicles/Parts For Sale/Wanted
    For sale is my 2007 Black on Black Redline. She has a few bumps and bruises but none the worst for wear. Please PM me or text me directly if you have any further questions or would like to see any other pictures. (760) 800-3183 *SINCE THIS POST, THE REDLINE HAS HAD A MAJOR FACELIFT. THE...
1-8 of 8 Results