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tiger20005 said:
Well guys I officially entered my car in its first show of the summer. I did not take home a trophy, but there certainly was enough interest and babes looking at my car to make my day well worth it. :cheers: I had attempted to contact someone with a Solstice to have them park next to me but I received only 1 reply fromt he Solstice forum and that person was busy this past weekend. I am surprised as many Solstice I have seen (and I know soem are part of that forum) that no one would have been interested to show off their car! :nono: Here are a few mentionable items about the show:

1) Hot chicks love the car, I got a few #'s :)
2) I heard on SO many occasions that the SKY was so much better looking than the Solstice (and let me mention I heard opposite but only a couple times, then could have been bc I was there with my car and they thought I'd take offense).
3) I probably am responsible for selling a few in the nearest future :thumbs:
4) Guys that were 6' - 6' 4" were pleasantly surprised of the legroom. I don't think one time I had someone say NO WAY this car isn't roomy enough for me! (yes I did eventually let people sit in it bc yes I am nice)
5) The ages varied so damn much, it was hilarious. I had 16 years olds liking it and then again the 80 year olds did too. This is great it has such a wide fan base.
6) I thought previous to Saturday I heard the question "So what is this?" more than I can imagine, but Saturday took the cake!
7) A few people were disappointed in the fact there was only 177hp stock, but most people were like hell that's enough for a car of this size.

One funny moment was when this kid touched my car and his dad said son please don't touch that car it is a HIGH DOLLAR sports car and this gentleman might not like that! HAHA

Here are a few pics from the show...

69 Corvette (Stingray)and 07 Sky

The judge when he told me I didn't win [email protected]#$!!!

Haha enjoy!
YIKERS..... if i was the judge.. i would have CHANGED MY MIND....... OK.. OK.. U WIN.. YEP... U WIN... lol....great pics......SkyBaby-07
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