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18th North American Solstice and Sky Annual Meet 2023 (June 19-24, 2023) (NASSAM)

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NASSAM 2023 will be in Beckley, West Virginia, June 19-24, 2023. Your hosts will be Jim and Debbie Lyddon. I'm just filling in here for them to help out with a bit of advertising. The hotel is Country Inn, Beckley, West Virginia. Call for reservations 304-252-5100, Option 1.

The Facebook page is here 18th North American Solstice and Sky Annual Meet 2023 (June 19-24) | Facebook, and you are encouraged to amble over there to check things out. Jim has been in West Virginia checking runs and venues (read restaurants), and he's posted a number of times with photographs.

I'll do what I can to keep folks up to date here with the most pertinent information, but you're encouraged to visit the FB page and the official website which should be up by mid-October.
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Looking for folks from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia to join a caravan to NASSAM on Sunday, June 18. Anyone interested?
May 25th, 2023

Our final planning week in West Virginia is coming to a close, and I think we have gotten all of our ducks in a row. Three concepts have presented themselves this week that I wasn’t sure would fly, but they all have. I think you’ll enjoy.

Now, a couple of DEADLINES to be aware of:

T-SHIRT orders will be extended from tomorrow, Friday, May 26, but will CLOSE at the end of the day on Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day) to allow the orders to be fulfilled. Please place any orders by that time. If not ordering through the website, send us your order by email at [email protected] and we can work out the payment process.

EVENT REGISTRATION will CLOSE on June 9th, when we need to turn in our banquet numbers. That will be the number of meals that the event will have to pay for, even if one were to cancel after that, so that will also be the day that any cancellation refunds will be reduced to 50% of your initial payment so we can cover the banquet costs.

Our one “Open Night” in the schedule, Tuesday, has now been filled with the offering of a private NASSAM function at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. Tour the Coal Camp, take the underground Mine Tour, enjoy live singers performing Motown Music, and purchase a Pepperoni Roll for dinner. Event cost $20 per person.

I am happy to report that we now have 63 Road Captains for the 63 offered Runs! Thanks to all that have volunteered for those positions, (some after a little begging and groveling on my part).

A security guard will be present in the Country Inn parking lot overnight beginning Sunday and running through at least Friday night.

Offsite oversized trailer parking has been secured for those trailering their Kappa.

Those participating in the Summersville Run will need to place their lunch orders in the Event Office by the night before the run.

Room Raffle tickets can be used toward ANY Beckley hotel bill (exclusive of any ancillary charges) and are not limited to reservations at the Country Inn. Room Raffle tickets will be available for purchase throughout the NASSAM week.

Kappa Cookies will be available to go with your Ice Cream at Wednesday’s Social.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! See you in three weeks!

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