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Hello. - the last company that was known to sell them - is out of 25895175 roof assembly.

That leaves 19152957 top no frame remaining.

What is involved in installing 19152957 top no frame - yet keeping the original frame?

Will I need to purchase weather stripping or other parts?

In other words - is this a job any mechanic can handle for $250 or will a covertible-top interior shop have to handle it?



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The cloth is riveted and glued to the frame. Not for the faint of heart and certainly not a job for your mechanic.
Almost word for word what my body shop guy told me about my top, when I asked about if they could replace it for me.

First off, he said they could remove the top/roof assembly from the car. Then ship that to the top/interior guys shop, have them remove the glued/riveted old cloth fabric, replace with new top, then reship/deliver to the body shop, for reinstall of the completed assembly to the car body.

$ is always the question here. What is your budget for top replacement, IF you had to?

1) Purchase of new top from source... $1000. over/under more or less, plus shipping.
2) GM dealer/body shop guys.. remove/install top/frame assembly from car. $300. maybe?
Hours charged @ rate of ? GM @ $95-105. Body guys less here $75?
3) The shop that does the replacement of the canvas/fabric to the top assembly, rate and hours?
Unknown as they vary by location, reputation. Est. $250+ ?

$1400 give or take. Could be less, might be more. This is what I would refer to here, Part of the Big 3. Top/Motor/Body. $ $$ $$$. Top can't leak, or fit oddly. Kinda ruins your interior here, know what I mean? $ Pretty important.
Weather stripping, is/can be expensive, IF you can find those parts still? Getting tougher these days.
I have a slight air leak in my passenger side. Small rip/tear in it. No leaks.
Note here: Use di-electric grease on these rubber parts. Works good. I have made the switch to this product.
I recommend it.

Time involved? Could be 3-5 days, not including shipping for the top itself. Keep that in mind.
How long can you live without your baby? The stress of others touching your beloved Kappa.
Un-thinkable. BUT.. sometimes you as owner/operator has to break down, and hand over the keys.
Scary thought I know.

Then... you hiding this new top, in the trunk.. money well spent, and go get permaginizied…
Hell with the budget. Life is short don't waste it. Life is more fun when you smile.


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We have a series of posts showing removing and replacing the top on PunisheR on the sol forum. two people, two hours. Very straightforward. You can pull the top in your garage, continue to drive your car while you deliver your top to the repair shop.

There is also a thread with lots of pictures where we fully disassembled a used top. A top autopsy. Having done that, I would not want to install a new canvas cover on my existing frame but I am told that people who do this for a living will do it but think more about $500 in labor.

If I were having this done I would replace the side sliding cables as they get a lot of wear and are relatively easy to replace when disassembled.

There is at least one shop in California who advertises Solstice and Sky top replacement. Ship it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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Find a junkyard that has a demolished Kappa...that is your solution. There are junked cars with tops still in good condition.
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