I just got a 2007 Saturn Sky base model from a friend who got it from a friend as a partial trade. Yea! One of those deals. After looking at the car is seems that there is enough things wrong with it that I don't want to put in the effort (time and $) to repair it and I got several other classic cars in the cue. I would much rather part it out and let others be able to keep their Skys on the road.

Here are the list of things wrong with the car.
  • 2 front fenders and wheel well covers broken
  • Front bumper cover damaged but probably repairable
  • Convertible top worn and old
  • Tail lights splintered/cracked
  • Instrument cluster eye brow missing
  • Vinyl behind shifter cut

Here is what is good
  • Drivetrain good. Runs and drives
  • Driver seat has a popped seem
  • Doors inside and out in good condition
  • head lights in good condition
  • The rest seems to be in good condition

Does parting it out make more sense than fixing the list?