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2008 RL
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I had a MIL for minor 0.020" evap leak. After not figuring out if this car is equipped with a service port (green cap), I bit the bullet and went in manually. Injecting smoke at the purge valve quick connect by usimg a piece of 5/16 ford bubble fuel line (GM line will not fit). Leak found, minor crack in fuel tank nipple, far right corner. No leaks, holds evap pressure.

I went to double check my work in case there was any other unknown faults.
Pressure and vacuum check on purge valve and boost check valve.
Ohm check. 21ohm Volt check. "12v" and "8v" Amp check. 500mA

I determined I have an open or extreme high resistance on green/white ecu ground wire. I can manually activate the solenoid via multimeter on amps. The ecu canmot open the purge. The valve itself is good. Not your normal replace valve job.

Does this wire run straight to ecu pin 6? Is there a junction point? Will I need to cut the entire loom open? Remove drivers fender?

Thank you for reading this far.


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