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Hello all,

I have decided its time for me to sell my Saturn Sky:

For full details, including more photos, VIN, and carfax, you can view this ad here on Autotrader

109K miles, located in Greensboro NC, asking $10,400.

Car has Trifecta tune, DDM Works Bracing Package (Backbone, Probeam, Venom Brace), DDM Works dual cupholder center console, new brake pads and rotors, steel brake lines, and a new battery.

A little history: When I decided to I wanted a Saturn Sky a few years ago, I went searching for what I considered (to me) to be the best looking example: The Ruby Red Special Edition. I also knew that I wanted the Redline / Turbo and a manual. You probably already know that they built 500 Ruby Red SEs, and I estimate probably about 150 of those were turbos + manual. After searching for quite a while, I finally found this one, with ~100K miles on it -- but could tell it had been really well taken care of. With that number of miles on it, I didn't feel any guilt doing a few mods on it, all of which are easily reversible, but made the car much more enjoyable (especially the tune and the brace package)

Its been garage kept and my weekend fun car, taking it out every sunny opportunity I had. I haven't had a single problem with it, and its been a great car. Only selling because I have a new weekend "fun car", and can't keep both.

Contact me here or through Autotrader ad.

20-04-11 12-32-07 1930.jpg 20-04-11 12-27-10 1920.jpg 20-04-11 12-35-39 1953.jpg



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