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I just talked to my salesman this morning and.......we went 3400 earlier in the the big countdown begins.......:cool:
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That's exciting! When did your order get picked up and when did you make deposit? :cheers:
faster than I thought....

My wife gave me the ok early may and the first dealership here in Minneapolis we went into said that they had 80 people ahead of me and I would probably be getting an 08 SKY, then I called around and a Saturn dealership in St Paul which has multiple locations said they had image immediatly available and ordered it on the 22nd of May. The first dealership knew a lot less about the car and overall didnt give me the service I wanted. The sales manager at the St Paul dealership talked at length with me about the pros and cons of the SKY vs Redline Sky and my salesman is a total nut for the car....overall they were super helpful. One thing I have noticed is calling around and feeling out several dealerships gave me a much better feel for what they had for available images. Also for all you forum brothers and sisters out there in smaller markets, driving a few hours after a phone call or two to a bigger market, in my opinion may net you a quicker order process, as it seems to me they have alot more skys alloted them. But there is also a lot to be said for supporting the local dealerships....its a question of when you want the car.:cool: p.s. i put a down payment on the order on May 18th
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chris67 said:
I just talked to my salesman this morning and.......we went 3400 earlier in the the big countdown begins.......:cool:
It took me 18 days to go from 3400 to 3800 built, there was a holiday in there though! Congrats on your order moving along.
Does anyone remember the SATURN CURVE? Well, just for a very pleasant fantasy trip, imagine if SATURN decided to build it with front and rear ends re-styled, just enough to reflect the sky's look. Then they stretched it enough to accept the electric motor and battery pack from the hybrid and offered in standard, green line, red line turbo and then made all wheel drive standard on the red line. What do you think?
Just found out I went to 3400 on 6/21. :) IF it gets build next week, that's about a month from imaged to built. Not bad.
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