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Does anyone know if they are still giving out order/VIN info through the 1-800 customer service number??? I tried getting my VIN from my dealer yesterday and all they did was give me the run-around telling me that nobody was there to access that information...which I think is total :bs: because I overheard the finance guy (who has access to it) say that he simply didn't "want to do it". :banghead: This is how it has been for me to try and get ANY information out of my dealer since day 1...and it's really starting to get old with me. :mad:

If anyone knows if the 800 number is offering up VIN's....please post here (or PM me) and let me know!

Seal9...can your 'contacts' find out what my VIN is??? You've been a tremendous help in being able to obtain information on our SKY orders...and I would be eternally grateful if you could pull just one more favor for me...please! :D
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